Careful Treatment For Kids With Dental Lasers

Our team wants to ensure your children enjoy their visit, and are comfortable throughout the treatment process. We also want to make sure that any care we provide is done with accuracy and precision. To make this possible, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist is now providing care using the advanced Solea dental laser! In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the benefits of employing laser technology, and how this helps your little one spends less time in the chair for preventive, general, and restorative treatments.


How to Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth Better

Good dental hygiene practices aren’t necessarily difficult to adhere to, but for children, they can seem mundane. This can make it more challenging to teach them to stick to good dental hygiene practices every day, or help them develop habits that will benefit their smiles in the future. Fortunately, children will become more adept at keeping their teeth clean on their own as they grow older, especially if you continue to help them improve their techniques for brushing and flossing their teeth. (more…)

What’s the Most Important Part of Your Child’s Tooth?

There are several reasons why consistently clean teeth are the basis of a continuously healthy smile. One of these is your child’s need for consistently strong and healthy tooth enamel. This highly mineralized layer is the outer layer of your child’s healthy, natural teeth. When it’s healthy, it’s resilient enough to repel most oral bacteria and the harmful substances they create. When it’s compromised, however, this can lead to several concerns with the health and integrity of your child’s teeth, including the development of tooth decay and a cavity. (more…)

Questions You Might Have About Your Child’s Tooth Extraction

Keeping up with your child’s good oral health can be a challenge, which is why we offer a wide range of treatments and services to help optimize their oral health as much as possible. While that challenge can be successfully met, there may be times when the best thing for your child’s overall oral health is to extract a tooth that’s become problematic. Today, we answer a few questions you might have about your child’s need for tooth extraction, and what you should do next to help preserve their healthy smiles in the future. (more…)

A Few Warning Signs Your Child’s Bite Is Off

When it comes to protecting your child’s smile, you can do a lot to help them prevent things like cavities from developing. With good dental hygiene and plenty of alternatives to cavity-rich sweets, your child may successfully prevent a cavity from ever developing. However, cavities aren’t the only thing that could potentially impact your child’s smile, and in some cases, the problem might not be preventable. For example, if your child exhibits a problem with their bite alignment or function, or with the development of their oral tissues, then the warning signs might not be as common. (more…)

Things that Could Wear Your Child’s Teeth Down

When it comes to helping your child preserve their healthy, natural smiles, sticking to good dental hygiene practices is one of the most important tips. The harmful bacteria that make up dental plaque are a constant threat, and require consistent attention to successfully control them. However, good dental hygiene can’t always protect your child’s teeth from other threats, such as habits that could end up wearing their teeth down and making them weaker. Today, we examine a few such habits and the types of damage they could cause if not addressed. (more…)