Yes, We Care How Your Child’s Smile Looks! 

Of course, you know very well that our Dallas, TX team feels strongly about helping your child maintain a healthy smile! However, you may wonder: Do we care about the way your child’s smile looks or not? The answer is an easy one! We want your child to have the absolute best dental care experience possible, which means helping your child’s oral health remain a priority, as we also strive to ensure your kiddo’s smile remains vibrant and attractive. After all, a nice smile is a serious confidence builder and helps all patients feel good about the smile care effort they put forth! Consider the steps we take to protect not only the well being but also the brilliance of your child’s grin.


2nd Annual Back To School Backpack Drive! 

Time flies when we’re having fun (and helping your kiddos keep their smiles safe)! A year has flown by since our first backpack drive and we are so thrilled to announce the arrival of another! We invite you to participate in the 2nd Annual Back To School Backpack Drive taking place in our Dallas, TX community. While we all prepare to wish a wistful, smile-filled goodbye to summer vacation, as the school year nears (and supply shopping begins), you may wonder how you can help families for whom this time of year is a challenge. The good news? Your contribution to our collaboration with DISD’s Mata Montessori School will make quite an impact. Learn more!


Your Children’s Smile Care And Your Budget

As you have likely noticed, having kids means that your budget has changed! Not only are you caring for your own smile but you have lots more teeth to think about and protect! With that said, you might occasionally find yourself worried about costs associated with your children’s smile care, though you know it’s an absolute need. Where to go from here, you wonder? Are you approaching care in such a way that you’re making it as affordable as possible or are you missing a detail? Let our Dallas, TX team help with a bit of relieving advice.


Pre-Planning For Autumn Smile Care 

It may feel like autumn is so very far away! After all, it’s still quite hot outside, so thinking about russet-hued leaves, pumpkin carving, and more simply seems like something that it’s far too early to begin considering. However, we remind you that fall of 2019 begins on September 23rd and August is nearly here. The first day of school? It’s nearly here, too! With that said, our Dallas, TX team wants to give you a gentle little nudge to give us a call to set up any autumn visits you need for your child, so you are ahead of the game with your continuing dental care!


Things You Can Do to Teach Your Child to Avoid Cavities

Brushing and flossing teeth every day is important. In fact, it’s one of the first lessons we teach children about good dental hygiene, along with visiting the dentist regularly for routine checkups and cleanings. However, successfully preventing cavities often requires more than just good basic hygiene. At our Dallas, TX, children’s dental office, we can help you teach your children to prevent cavities more effectively by offering a few tips on showing them ways to keep their smiles consistently healthy. (more…)

Showtime Saturdays at the Galleria

Are you ready for a slightly offbeat adventure with your kids? Scoop up the little ones, or make a play date with a neighbor or friend, to visit the Dallas Galleria and enjoy musician and entertainer Andy Mason! Andy’s music is family friendly, ear-enticing and lots of fun. Your children will enjoy giggles and lots of happy young smiles in Dallas, TX, while your adult sensibility will catch onto Andy’s positive messages. He’s even been known to sneak in a little educational value, along with the fun. (more…)

Smile Care: Between Now And Back-To-School Time! 

It might not feel like crunch time just yet (and we certainly don’t want to rob you of your precious and lovely summer for even a second)! However, our Dallas, TX team would like to gently remind you that in terms of summer vacation, we’re definitely at or beyond the halfway point, which means any plans you had for summer smile care that you have not yet addressed? They need to be considered quickly, so you can say as school begins again not only that you had a fantastic season but also that you accomplished your dental goals for your kiddos! We’re here to help.


2nd Annual Slime Rodeo 

It’s the biggest slime convention in Texas and it’s happening in our very own Dallas, TX community! If this is music to your ears (okay, to your kids’ ears), then we are so pleased to remind you that the 2nd Annual Slime Rodeo is coming your way. If your kids are obsessed with just about all things related to slime, then this is going to be a day full of (enjoyably gross) fun that the kiddos will love! (Hint: Tickets went fast last year, so act with haste!).


Dental Care First, Then Sleep: Why It’s So Important! 

You may wonder: Why are we so enthusiast about reminding you to have your children practice their dental hygiene before they snooze for the night? Can’t you just wake them up, have them brush (and floss) and then get back into bed, you wonder? While this is an option, it frequently presents a variety of problems, specifically for kids, that can become detrimental to maintaining effective dental care at home. Consider our Dallas, TX team’s outlook on smile care first, then sleep for a better understanding of how this can make your evenings easier!


Figuring It Out: Does Your Child Have A Toothache?

Sometimes, you might not really know what to make of what’s going on with your little one! You wonder: Does your child have a toothache but isn’t telling you? Does your child think that his or her tooth hurts but really, it’s a nearby structure or set of tissues that’s causing the discomfort? Of course, our Dallas, TX pediatric dental care team is ready to help you do a bit of detective work, so you can sort out what might be going on and how to move forward. With that said, when you cannot find the source of pain or you’re just not certain, set up a dental checkup with us!