Dental Sealants And Cavity Prevention

People of all ages should enjoy daily protection to prevent the formation of cavities. Kids can require extra help to stay safe from decay. That can come from helpful guidance, access to healthier snacks, and visits to their dentist for preventive care. At our Dallas, TX pediatric dental office, we can provide important protection for your kids. One service we offer is treatment with dental sealants, which provide a safe layer of protection for their enamel. With sealants, bacteria and food debris are kept separate from teeth, which protects them from damage. This is one of several steps we take to help our patients stay safe against oral health threats! (more…)

Summer Is A Great Time For A Checkup

What kid doesn’t love summer break? However, their newfound freedom also means more snacking, and less frequent brushing and flossing. Which makes summer a great time to schedule a checkup for your children, and to make sure your kids are taking good care of their smiles, even on their time off! In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist looks at why checkups during the summer are recommended!


3 Times When Fluoride Might Help Your Child’s Teeth

When your child stays diligent in keeping their teeth clean every day, protecting their teeth from things like sugar, and visiting their dentists regularly, they can avoid a lot of potential oral health problems. Sometimes, however, successfully protecting their teeth may require a little bit of additional help, such as the application of fluoride treatment to give their natural tooth enamel a boost in strength and integrity. Today, we explore three times when fluoride might be a good idea for your child’s teeth, and how it can help protect their smiles from more serious concerns. (more…)

What to Expect During Your Child’s Dental Checkup

For many adults, routine dental checkup and cleaning appointments seem like second nature. Few people can remember a time when they didn’t visit the dentist on a regular basis. However, there was such a time, and for children who haven’t grown accustomed to it, visits to the dentist’s office can seem completely out of the ordinary. Today, we explain what to expect during your child’s dental checkup and cleaning appointment, including the steps we may take if your child’s exam reveals signs of trouble. (more…)

Confused About Fluoride? We Have Answers!

Preventive dental care for children isn’t much different than your own preventive dental care routine. In addition to good hygiene at home, it also takes sticking to a regular schedule of checkups and cleanings at the dentist’s office. However, when children receive a professional checkup and cleaning, part of the focus is on helping them avoid problems that not only impact their oral health now, but can also interfere with the future growth and development of their oral structures. For example, when your child’s tooth enamel grows weak, strengthening it to prevent tooth decay not only saves the tooth in question, but also the permanent tooth structure that’s meant to take its place. (more…)

When Your Child’s Oral Health Can Use a Boost

Once you teach your child the basics of good dental hygiene and the importance of sticking to them, you can rest a little easier that they have a decent chance of keeping their smiles healthy for life. However, your child’s oral health status and needs can change quickly as their teeth and oral structures develop, and sometimes, their smiles need a boost to ensure their continued good oral health. Today, we examine a few ways we can help boost your child’s hygiene and oral health efforts to give them a better chance at continuously enjoying their healthy smiles. (more…)