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Improve Your Kid’s Chances of Avoiding Sugar

Though there are many different factors that can contribute to your child developing cavities, consuming too many sugary foods and beverages is often one of the biggest ones. That’s why it’s a common piece of advice to limit your child’s consumption of sugar-rich candies and other sweets in order to help them avoid things like… Read more »

What Should Kids Snack On Instead of Sugar?

Keeping your child’s teeth safe from things like cavities can take more than just teaching them how to brush and floss properly. For example, it’s just as essential to help them develop discipline and restraint when it comes to things like eating too many foods with processed sugars. These can quickly lead to weakened tooth… Read more »

A Guide to Healthier At-Home Snacks for Kids

When you think of keeping your child’s smile healthy, good dental hygiene may be the first thing that comes to mind. While it’s important, however, hygiene isn’t the only thing your child needs to maintain a healthy smile. During this time when all of us are spending much more time at home, we take a… Read more »

Answers About Calcium, When Dairy Is Off The Table

Calcium. You know that you need it and you know your children need it, too. However, when your lifestyle doesn’t include dairy, you may find yourself wondering if you’re going to be able to provide your child with the nutrition necessary for optimal oral health (and how). Maybe your child is lactose intolerant or has… Read more »

Smile Protection: How To Manage Sweets This Time Of Year

Is there any time of year when your kids aren’t feeling super interested in sweets? Not really. However, it is fair to say that as the colder weather and holidays begin to approach, we are faced with what feels like an enormous onslaught of all-things-sugary-all-the-time. What makes this the case, you ask yourself in reflection?… Read more »

Xylitol: So Many Times When You Can Enjoy It!

What’s xylitol, you ask? Why, allow our Dallas, TX pediatric practice offer you some very interesting facts: It’s a sweetener that’s all natural. It also happens to be good, not bad, for your oral health (which means, when your kids consume it, you don’t have to feel frantic like you do with other sources of… Read more »

The Stuff You Can’t Believe Your Kids Eat

You’ve seen it. Candy that looks like toothpaste. Cookies in flavors you can’t imagine wanting. Super sour stuff that kids compete over, seeing who can withstand the discomfort! Trends come and go with your kids and their friends and sometimes, you don’t know what to do about it because you’re a bit beside yourself. You… Read more »

At The Movies: Navigating Snacks

Yes, it can become easier and easier to guide your children toward snacks that are better for their oral health over time when you’re in the comfort of your own home. Heading out to the movie theater, however, can bring with it a very different set of expectations from the kiddos. If you’re on board… Read more »

Smile-Friendly Fall Favorites: Fun With Orange!

It’s always worth discussing the colorful, natural foods out there that can help protect your child’s smile. As you know, kids are quite fond of colorful foods, holiday themes, and anything that tends to make eating fun. If you’re feeling out of ideas and a little overwhelmed by the influx of candy and confections this… Read more »

How To Get Your Kids To Drink More Water!

Worried that your kids aren’t drinking enough water? Wondering what you can do about this, since handing a glass of water to your child never garners the same kind of awe and attention as when you hand over a milkshake or glass of juice? The good news is that you’re right about H20! It’s very… Read more »