Important Questions About Children’s Teeth

Taking good care of your teeth can seem like second nature after you’ve done it for most of your life, but most of us may not remember how challenging it was when we were still children. At our Dallas, TX, children’s dental office, we take education as serious as our customized preventive treatment options, which is why we love taking the time to answer all of your important questions. (more…)

Nap Time Tips for Healthy Young Teeth


Shhhhhh! Has the little one finally gone down for a nap? Holiday times can be exhausting for any age, with heightened excitement and schedules completely out the window. However, good oral hygiene in Dallas, TX never takes a break, and it’s important to look after the dental health of babies, toddlers and children all year round. We encourage you to schedule preventive checkups and cleanings at less busy times of year, if that is more convenient. These nap time tips are good any time!  (more…)

Fight Chapped Lips On Young Smiles

As an adult, you know the discomfort of chapped lips, and the rough, scaly and even cracked skin that can follow. The tender skin of childrens’ lips is especially vulnerable to cold and dry weather in winter. Children’s chapped lips can include not only the lip skin itself, but also the skin that borders the lips, leading to a ring of uncomfortable redness with every smile. For healthy lips and comfortable childrens’ smile care in the Dallas, Texas area, try these tips to protect lips (of any age!) from winter chapping. (more…)

Children’s Dental Care: It’s The Little Accomplishments

You might find that as you move through your daily life with your kiddos and you’re doing your best with oral health care and dental hygiene, some days seem like they require a lot of effort. Other days seem easier. The major upside to this amazing adventure? There are some truly delightful highlights along the way made up of little accomplishments that will really make you smile. Consider some examples that our Dallas, TX team loves sharing with you and you’ll realize: You’re doing a great job and for good reason!


Brushing That’s Too “Something” For Good Oral Health

You may think that there’s only brushing or a lack of brushing. If your child is brushing and is doing so twice a day as directed, then this is “good.” If your child isn’t brushing twice daily, then this is “bad.” While these statements are true, there’s more that goes into ensuring the brushing part of dental hygiene sessions is successful and beneficial, rather than damaging, problematic, or not very effective. What might your child be doing that’s too something for success? Let our Dallas, TX team explain some potential areas of deficiency or over-abundance that will help you both!


Transforming Dental Hygiene Into Holiday Fun Time!

Who ever said that dental hygiene has to be a stuffy, straight-forward, boring experience? Not our Dallas, TX team, that’s for sure! While you’re focusing on infusing your daily life with as much holiday magic as you can, why not spread some of that joy over into the dental care part of your day-to-day experience? We think we just might be able to come up with some fun ideas that will help you transform the usual brushing-and-flossing into a full-of-excitement (and possibly full of laughs) time of day that the whole family can truly enjoy.


Good Dental Care: Don’t Be Fooled By A Pretty Smile

Yes, of course, it means something if you are staying up to date with all of the details our Dallas, TX team puts forth in regard to preventive dental care. When you’re seeing our team for the visits your children need, when you’re making sure that the brushing-and-flossing thing is happening at home, and more, then a child’s smile that looks brilliant is a direct reflection of the time and effort you have been putting in with smile care! However … remember that just because things look good doesn’t mean that all is well. Give yourself some time to digest this as you learn more about what we mean.


2 Things Your Parents Said That You’re Now Saying (That Are True)

You may occasionally catch yourself saying something to your child and you immediately think to yourself, “Oh my goodness, I sound like my mom!” or, “Yep, it’s finally happening, I’m turning into my dad.” This is one of those ever-relatable moments that other parents can connect with because lo and behold, you are a parent now and you will find out that some of (or perhaps a lot of) those things your parents said to you really were for your benefit! However, there may be a little tiny part of your brain that wonders: Am I right? Or, were my mom and dad wrong and now, I’m wrong, too? Fortunately, when it comes to your child’s smile care, we can help you feel much better by highlighting some of those parental things you’ve been saying that are certainly spot on!


Help! My Child Is Gagging During Brushing Sessions!

Of course, when your child doesn’t want to brush and floss, you have a very particular type of challenge on your hands. However, when your child is willing but you watch on as your little one tries to brush but always ends up gagging, you can quickly find that you aren’t sure how to respond at all! You certainly don’t want your child to experience any more discomfort or upset. However, you know that dental hygiene that’s consistent is so very important. Not to worry: If your child has been experiencing gagging, our Dallas, TX team is here with some very reassuring help!