Questions About Your Child’s Dental Care

As children develop their first set of teeth, maintaining regular visits to the dentist becomes increasingly more important. Like their parents, children should attend regular checkup and cleaning appointments, and if necessary, receive treatment to address a cavity or other dental issue. However, because of their continuously developing primary and permanent teeth, children’s smiles require certain unique considerations. Most parents realize this, but often still have questions about their children’s dental care and what that care entails, which we’re happy to answer! (more…)

Run the Highlands this Saturday, April 29th!

This Saturday, April 29th, 2017, the Lake Highlands Junior Women’s League will be hosting the 13th annual Run the Highlands event to raise funds for the Lake Highlands Community! The event includes a certified 5K race, as well as a family trail walk for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere at a more leisurely pace. The annual Run the Highlands event is a safe, fun, and active way for families in and around Lake Highlands to enjoy the Spring weather, spend time together, and help us give back to our wonderful community! (more…)

How Children Benefit from Regular Dental Care

The benefits of teaching your children good hygiene at an early age are self-evident; the earlier they learn good habits, the better their dental health will be for life. Part of those good habits is becoming accustomed to visiting the dentist on a regular basis, which is something that people of all ages should do consistently. Besides keeping their smiles healthy, however, children benefit in several ways from regular dental care, and those benefits will carry long into their adulthood. (more…)

Celebrate Lake Highlands Restaurant Week!

From Monday, April 24th, through Sunday, May 30th, every time you dine out is an opportunity to help Helping Lake Highlands support our local community! Throughout the week, every time you dine at a participating restaurant, the establishment will donate 20% of the sale to one of our local non-profits. Lake Highlands Restaurant Week is a way to show local restaurants and our numerous non-profit organizations how much we appreciate all that they do, and how important they are to our community. (more…)

How Drinking Milk Can Help Kids Fight Cavities

The fact that food can influence your child’s dental health is no secret. Parents spend much of their time warning their children not to eat too much sugar or they can quickly develop cavities. However, not all food and beverages are harmful to children’s smiles. Healthy smiles of all ages need certain minerals and nutrients to remain healthy, such as calcium and phosphate (which are the building blocks of teeth and their enamel). These same minerals are found abundantly in dairy, which is why drinking milk could be one of the most important ways for kids to fight cavities! (more…)

FDA Recalls Homeopathic Teething Tablets—What You Should Do

Last week, on April 10th, the Standard Homeopathic Company agreed to the FDA’s request to recall all of the company’s Hyland’s homeopathic teething tablets. If your child relies on any of Hyland’s teething tablet brands, such as Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets and Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Teething Tablets, then call the company at 1-800-991-3376. You can also fill out the FDA’s voluntary reporting form by visiting In the meantime, Dr. Marr and our staff are ready to help you and your child make it through the teething stage safely and successfully! (more…)

3 Things Every Parent Should Know About Dental Checkups

As young children quickly grow out of infancy and begin developing their primary teeth, it becomes imperative that parents begin as soon as possible to take care of those teeth. Part of that care is teaching children to brush and floss regularly. Another part is keeping their teeth and gums clean for them until they can do so for themselves. And, yet another part is helping children grow accustomed to visiting their dentists regularly for routine checkups and cleanings. It’s important for parents to know that dental checkups are vital to their children’s oral health, and sticking to them can have lifelong benefits. (more…)

Is Sugar Really the Main Cause of Cavities?

As a child, you probably remember dire warnings from your parents about candy and sugar destroying your teeth. You may also pass those warnings down to your own children in an effort to keep their smiles healthy, as well. While its impact on your teeth is well-known, such as its penchant for causing cavities, many people mistakenly believe that sugar is the main threat. The truth, however, is that sugar is only a minor cause of cavities; the real culprit is the oral bacteria that naturally inhabit our mouths.  (more…)

Why Your Child May Need Emergency Dentistry

You can give children the knowledge and tools necessary to keep their smiles healthy for life, but unfortunately, accidents and emergencies can still occur without warning. In addition to protecting young smiles with regular preventive care, we also schedule emergency visits to help ensure that children can always receive the expert dental care that they need! If your child experiences an emergency, then call our office immediately to schedule a visit. (more…)

What Causes Toothaches?

A toothache can be excruciating for both children and adults, but in most cases, it can be relieved with help from your dentist. To treat a toothache, your dentist will have to first find out why the tooth hurts, and then design a treatment plan accordingly. Knowing the cause of a toothache can also help you find relief until your dentist can treat it. While there are several reasons for a tooth to hurt, some of the most common ones are those that directly affect a tooth’s structure. Therefore, tooth restoration is often the best choice for relieving a toothache. (more…)