Are Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy? Part Two

If you have questions about how to care for your baby’s smile, it is important to talk with your pediatric dentist. Learning the best way to care for baby teeth is essential to helping your child grow up with a healthy smile. Children’s teeth generally begin erupting around six months old, often starting with the front four teeth. Don’t be alarmed, however, if your child is over a year old before his or her first tooth comes in. It is important, though, that you continue gently wiping your baby’s gums clean after feedings until the first is visible. At this point, it is time to begin brushing your baby’s tooth/teeth, instead! (more…)

Are Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy? Part One

Now that your little bundle of joy has finally arrived, your days are probably filled with a mix of pure elation and utter exhaustion. Adjusting to life as a new parent can be exciting, but it can also prove difficult and, at times, overwhelming. Along with learning how to balance work and a dwindling personal life, you also have to learn how to best care for your baby, from developing a feeding and sleeping schedule, to learning what your baby’s body and his or her smile need to remain healthy and to grow strong. Fortunately, your pediatric dentist is there to help guide you in your quest to raise a healthy child with an equally healthy and beautiful smile! (more…)

What Children’s Dentistry Means

Maintaining a healthy smile begins early, and as children’s teeth, jaws, and smiles grow, some issues can arise that complicate one or more aspects of their oral health development. According to the American Dental Association, children should attend their first dental visit by the time their first tooth appears. If any issues are detected, then we can help preserve your child’s smile with the pediatric dental treatment. (more…)

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The Unfortunate Truth

Most people are probably not aware that tooth decay can begin within 20 minutes of eating, drinking, or snacking, but it’s an unfortunate truth. They also may not know that, while periodontal disease is the major cause of adult tooth loss, tooth decay is the major cause of childhood tooth loss. Our mouths are naturally rife with bacteria, but some oral bacteria are harmful to your teeth, especially when they come into contact with sugars and starches. Bacteria feed on sugars and starches and in the process secrete acids. The bacteria, acids, left-over food particles, and saliva form a sticky film called plaque. If not removed, plaque eats away at your teeth causing decay. If you knew this, would you put your child to bed with a bottle of sugary milk or juice? Probably not.


Summer Tooth Tips For Kids

Summer vacation means sleeping a little later for some of us, and not being on a regular schedule. While it is great to have a more relaxed pace, don’t let good toothcare habits fall by the wayside. It is still important to nourish your teeth (and body) with a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water. Keep up with preventive care such as twice yearly checkups. Summer is sports time, so wear a mouthguard if you are playing contact sports. Summer tooth tips help keep your teeth in good shape all year! (more…)

Should Your Kids Do More to Protect Their Gums?

Strong teeth and healthy gums are both essential to maintaining great smiles. Unfortunately, many children and adults alike fail to care for their gums effectively. This is why many Americans struggle unknowingly with gum disease, a serious condition that can cause inflammation, infection, and eventually tooth loss. Gum disease can also have a negative impact on one’s entire body, because infections in the gum tissue can be carried to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent gum disease. You just need to teach your kids how they can best care for their entire smiles, including their gums! (more…)

Help Your Kids Smile Confidently Again with Smile Restorations: Part Two

No parents want to watch their kids struggle with dental health issues. Sadly, many kids will be diagnosed with cavities, have to deal with chips or cracks, or even require treatment for an infected tooth. Pediatric dentistry is necessary to help treat these and other dental issues, and to restore both the smile’s appearance and health. Fortunately for you and your child, restorative dentistry is often minimally invasive, fast and effective. So if you do discover that your child is struggling with dental issues, simply schedule an appointment with the pediatric dentist as soon as possible, so that your child can smile again, soon! (more…)

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Help Your Kids Smile Confidently Again with Smile Restorations: Part One

Despite your best efforts to help your kids care for their smiles, there may still be times when they will require restorative dentistry to treat a variety of issues that can threaten their oral health. Approximately 40 percent of school-aged children will struggle with dental cavities, for instance. Many more will chip or crack a tooth, or even develop infections caused by trauma or decay. Fortunately, restorative dentistry provides a number of safe and effective ways to help your kids smile again, even after threatening dental issues. It is simply important to schedule an appointment with your kids’ pediatric dentist as soon as you suspect a problem, that way the dentist can quickly help to restore your child’s precious smile!