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Mockingbird Station Pumpkin Painting Party

Do you find that you have a fairly easy time creating fun activities at home and seeking out cool events for your little ones? However, when it comes to your older teens, the days of sitting around the kitchen table, carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds just isn’t what it used to be? Outings that… Read more »

DFW Kids Directory Fall Festival 2019

Yep, as you know there is often quite a lot of fun to be had at the Dallas Farmers Market, particularly when it comes to amazing kid activities! Get your Saturday morning shopping smile going, while your kids enjoy the over-the-top fun of the DFW Kids Directory Fall Fest in our Dallas, TX community. It… Read more »

Science In The Park, Skeletons: Animal X-Rays 

When you’re a kid, you have lots of questions about just about everything. As a result, of course, the natural thing is to ask for information from those around you who probably know more. You know, like Mom and Dad! As you’ve realized, you don’t always have the answers to it all and sometimes, you… Read more »

Dallas’ Original Pumpkin Festival 2019

It’s about that time of year again! The weather is acting as though it just might cool off in our Dallas, TX community, which is our version of welcoming in the autumn season! Of course, with the joy and coziness of fall comes the promise of something very particular. If you guessed pumpkin carving, pumpkin… Read more »

Dallas Children’s Theater: Beauty And The Beast 

You remember the songs, that adorable teacup, Belle, the Beast, and the enchanting and imaginative story of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Whether you’ve worn out your copy on VHS, DVD, or otherwise, now you have the opportunity to see it performed live and on stage, as you introduce your children to this heart-warming love… Read more »

Girls In Aviation Day 2019

Calling all girls interested in aviation! Do you happen to have a daughter, niece, cousin, or otherwise who loves to talk about a future in flying? If this individual always has her thoughts literally in the clouds, then don’t forget about the upcoming Girls In Aviation Day 2019 in our Dallas, TX community. It provides… Read more »

Event: Magic And Comedy With Mike Williams 

When you start sorting through the types of entertainment that put a huge smile on your face, get some belly laughs, and do the same for your kids, what do you come up with? If your answer included comedy and magic, then boy are you in for a family-fun-time treat! The upcoming Magic and Comedy… Read more »

Dallas Chocolate Festival 2019

If you and your family members have quite a love of all things cocoa-related, then this upcoming event is something you will all find yourselves over-the-moon excited to attend! It’s the Dallas Chocolate Festival 2019, which means it’s time to get your toothbrushes and toothpaste ready! This indulgent, mouth-watering experience in our Dallas, TX community… Read more »

August Dollar Days: Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden! What’s not to love? The beautiful, breathtaking gardens? The educational exhibits? The family-friendly events? Perhaps the fact that the cost of admission sometimes keeps you from visiting quite as often as you’d like. Good news for our Dallas, TX community: It’s August, which means August Dollar Days at the… Read more »

Family Zoo Adventures: Okapi Forests

Have you heard of the Family Zoo Adventures at our Dallas, TX community’s Dallas Zoo? If not, then you’ll definitely want a quick rundown: Each monthly session will include a thorough exploration of a particular topic that the entire family will enjoy! Up this month? It’s the Family Zoo Adventures: Okapi Forests. Learn more about… Read more »