Should Children Worry About Gum Disease?

When it comes to your child’s oral health, there are some worries that are common, and rightly so. For example, cavities are one of the biggest concerns that could develop for your child’s smile, and many common children’s dental treatments focus on helping to prevent them. Some concerns, however, may be less common, such as the development of gingivitis and its progression into gum disease. Today, we examine how children might develop gum disease and what it might look like in your child’s gums, as well as how we can help your child protect their smile from it if it develops. (more…)

Gum Changes And Why You Should Never Ignore Them

Seeing a quick flash of your child’s smile and recognizing that something has changed with your kiddo’s gums can be a bit shocking. It can also leave you feeling unsure about how to proceed. Should you just monitor the situation, continuing with daily dental care, as you see whether things get better or stay the same (or worsen)? Or, is this one of those moments when you should call our Dallas, TX team to set up a dental checkup just to be on the safe side? Of course, we suggest the latter. Remember that any shift in the appearance of your child’s gums could mean a gum health issue and is always worth investigating. Come in for care soon!


Inflammation And Your Child’s Smile

The second you hear the words inflammation and your child’s smile, you may feel your pulse quicken! There’s generally nothing good about inflamed tissue, aside from the fact that it’s your body’s natural way of trying to protect itself! As for what it means for you and for your child’s oral health, well, you generally recognize it as a sign that something is wrong and that you need to take action. To help you feel better and more prepared, our Dallas, TX team quickly breezes through what swelling might mean when you see it (and we remind you of just what to do, should it occur).


3 Reasons To Get Serious About Gingivitis

You have heard us talk with you about gingivitis before, how to prevent it, and the fact that gum disease can damage your child’s oral health. For a quick review, our Dallas, TX team explains that this is the first step of periodontal disease that includes inflammation. Can it be prevented, you ask? Of course! Can it be treated it if develops? Yes! However, we remind you that it’s also an oral illness that can quickly develop and remain overlooked, which can yield serious side effects! So, with that said, let’s talk about locking in an excellent preventive approach (and the details associated with why doing so is so significant).


Your Child’s Swollen Gums: What To Think?

What do you notice when you look at your child’s oh-so-cute grin? If it’s not the world’s cutest smile you’re noticing but instead, you’re seeing swollen gums, then you might experience a sudden knot in your stomach. “Oh no,” you may think to yourself, “this doesn’t look good.” Here’s all of the good news you need to get started: If it’s a gum health issue, we can help. However, it might be something else entirely that will resolve on its own. Ready for some details? We had a feeling you would be!


Are Those Bleeding Gums You’re Seeing?

Usually, you don’t see what appear to be traces of blood in the sink when your child spits during dental hygiene. You don’t see blood on your child’s gums either. So, what to think about it when you do notice bleeding? Is it really blood, you wonder? Should you rush your child in to see us? While we certainly don’t suggest panicking, we do suggest you follow some simple steps, so you’re certain your child’s oral health is A-OK!


Let’s Talk About Gingivitis!

Yes, we know. Talking about gingivitis is not something you want to do because your goal is for your kiddos to keep their smiles nice and healthy. However, it’s very important you understand the basics of this first phase of gum disease, so you can do your absolute best to keep it from affecting your children. When you’re informed, you can save your children from the potential (serious) damage that can come from a neglected case of gum inflammation. Oh, and you can rest easy: Preventing gum disease is simple when you know how to do it.


Should Your Kids Do More to Protect Their Gums?

Strong teeth and healthy gums are both essential to maintaining great smiles. Unfortunately, many children and adults alike fail to care for their gums effectively. This is why many Americans struggle unknowingly with gum disease, a serious condition that can cause inflammation, infection, and eventually tooth loss. Gum disease can also have a negative impact on one’s entire body, because infections in the gum tissue can be carried to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent gum disease. You just need to teach your kids how they can best care for their entire smiles, including their gums! (more…)

Can Children Get Gum Disease?

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is usually a more prominent concern for adults than for younger patients. That’s because the conditions that lead to it can often take years to develop enough to show symptoms, or to become a significant threat to your oral health.

However, that does not mean that children are immune. Though not as common as cavities, gum disease is a product of inadequate hygiene and dental care, and in some cases, children can become at-risk for gum disease before reaching adulthood. (more…)