Are Kids More Likely to Have Cavities?

As a parent, is it natural to worry about how often your children brush and floss their teeth, or how much candy they consume. Besides the discomfort and risks of childhood cavities, treating the decay that causes them might sometimes prove extensive.

Because they have not yet mastered the art of good hygiene, kids may be more likely to have cavities by the time they grow older. However, rather than treating them, the best option is typically to prevent them by teaching your children how to keep their teeth clean and healthy. (more…)

Help Your Child Break the Thumb-Sucking Habit

Thumb sucking is a natural routine for babies to comfort and soothe themselves. In fact, by a few months old, many infants will begin sucking their fingers and thumbs to calm down, fall asleep, or simply to amuse themselves. However, as a parent, you may wonder at what point does it become unacceptable, and how can you facilitate the transition from thumb-sucking to other coping methods?

To help preserve your child’s healthy smile, we explore a few tips to help your child quit thumb-sucking before it permanently affects their oral health and development. (more…)

Nighttime Brushing Followed By Insomnia?

Do you find that brushing your child’s teeth in the morning is surprisingly successful, particularly when compared with the nightmare of your nighttime routine? The good news is that you are doing your best to protect your little one’s smile with preventive care at home. The bad news is that you are probably becoming overwhelmed and frustrated if your previously sleepy child seems wide awake and ready for another day by the time his or her head hits the pillow. Don’t worry – we have some helpful tips that can make this time of day much easier to approach.


Holiday Time Tips For Healthy Smiles

Don’t worry – staying on top of preventive care during the holiday season is not as difficult as it sounds. Your little one will, of course, be tempted by a seemingly endless supply of goodies that are full of sugar. The good news is that you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by this fact (or any other oral health concerns that have begun popping into your brain). By keeping some simple preventive options in mind, you can allow your child to have a wonderful holiday season while maintaining a healthy smile.


Peter Pan 360

Have you long been a fan of Peter Pan and Neverland? Do you love watching on as happiness and youthful glee overtake the crotchety and devious evil-doing of one Captain James Hook? If so, this is the event for you (and your family) – with an extra special approach to the visual aspect of theater, you will love what you see.


Answering Questions That Your Kids Ask You

Do you know how to answer when your child asks you questions about brushing his or her teeth, whether braces will ever become necessary, or otherwise? In some cases, you may worry about your responses. For instance, if you assume your child will not need orthodontics but we later say that braces are essential, your child may not be very happy. Our suggestion? Allow us, your pediatric dentist and team, to offer some assistance for responding to common, difficult-to-answer inquiries.


Make The Most Of 2015

Here comes 2016! You will get to celebrate with a clean slate, your child will have another birthday, and you will have tons of new memories to make. What you may have overlooked as you prepare your winter holiday shopping list is that, as we wrap up 2015, your benefits will not be extending into January, February, March … well, you get the idea. Do yourself a favor – take a quick moment to give some thought to your child’s dental insurance plan, so you ensure you get the most you can out of dental care coverage for this calendar year.


Caring For Your Child’s Toothbrush

Before you had children, you might not have given too much thought to your toothbrush. Sure, you may have made sure to purchase a soft-bristle brush according to your dentist’s suggestions – you may have even replaced it once every three months, as you should. Whether it was super clean, wet, dry, or otherwise? This may not have bothered you. However, now that you have children, the fact that toothbrushes tend to harbor bacteria may cause you to feel somewhat anxious. As a result, parents often feel uncertain about how to approach this confusing preventive care topic. Allow us to help!


What’s So Bad About Plaque?

You have probably heard about plaque for most of your life – if not, then you’re certainly receiving an earful as a parent. As a result, you have likely come to learn that plaque is bad (but that does not mean you’re completely sure what makes it such an awful substance). The good news is that you can help your child control plaque, so you don’t need to worry about potential side effects. Even better news? We are prepared to fill you in on the essential details, so you feel knowledgeable on this topic. And of course, remember, we will always be glad to answer questions during preventive care visits.


Cirque Italia in DFW

Do you love beautiful stage shows? Have you and your children ever experienced a water circus? If not, it’s time you sat down to gaze up on the brilliant, sparkling spectacle that can only occur when you combine water with circus art. Do yourself a favor this November and gather up the family for this entertaining presentation.