When Will My Baby’s Teeth Begin Coming In? Part One

As a first-time parent there is so much to learn, from how hot to make your baby’s bath to how often your newborn will need to be fed. Of course, you are also likely to wonder when your baby will be reaching milestones, such as rolling over, crawling, and eventually standing on his or her own. What about your baby’s smile, though? Are you curious, even clueless, about when to expect teething to begin, much less how to help your child cope with this uncomfortable part of growing up? If so, your child’s pediatric dentist can be a huge help in your quest to keep your child healthy and comfortable, both during the teething process and far beyond. (more…)

Can You Do More To Protect Your Baby’s Teeth?

Do you ever wonder if your baby really needs any dental care? After all, his or her smile is likely only gums at this point. How could invisible teeth need protecting? The truth is even babies are susceptible to oral health problems, including baby bottle tooth decay. To prevent this, you should consider gently wiping your baby’s gums clean after feedings, to help prevent decay. But there is more that should be done, too, in order to help keep your child’s smile healthy, and your pediatric dentist can help! (more…)

Can You Do More to Help Your Kids Prevent Cavities?

In your quest to keep your kids’ smiles healthy and beautiful, do you ever feel like you’ve gone to great lengths, only to see them struggle with cavity after cavity? Sadly, some children and adults are more susceptible to dental decay, either due to genetic factors, underlying health concerns, medications being taken, or dietary factors. So while in most cases a healthy diet, daily hygiene and preventive checkups and cleanings can generally help prevent acidic erosion, there is still benefit in seeking other ways to help protect the smile, as well. Dental sealants are one option, which many pediatric dentists offer and even recommend. Fortunately, there may be another “secret weapon” in the fight against cavities, and that is a product called xylitol, which is a natural sugar substitute. (more…)

Enjoy NYE, as a Family, In Dallas!

Is your idea of a rocking New Year’s Eve party the kind you can spend having fun with your whole family, and possibly even the kind that allows you to celebrate in style yet still be warm in your bed before midnight? If so, don’t miss the chance to spend NYE at one of the many Main Event locations throughout the Metroplex, each of which is hosting a fun time with a focus on family-friendly activities like bowling, games, and more! Best of all, there are multiple times to enjoy the events, so you can delight your family of night owls or early birds! (more…)

Can Fluoride Be a Substitute for Children’s Fillings?

Do you spend a great deal of time worrying about your kids’ teeth, namely whether or not they will struggle with cavities? In fact, have your school-aged children already experienced troubling or uncomfortable tooth decay? Sadly, some studies indicate that nearly one third of the children in American will deal with decay before they have even reached adolescence. Fortunately, many pediatric dentists now offer an alternative to traditional metal fillings, for helping kids cope with cavities. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised, as a parent, to learn how a product called silver diamine fluoride (SDF) could help ensure your kids can enjoy their meals, again, without pesky dental discomfort getting in the way. (more…)

Worried About Your Child’s Pacifier Habit?

Like many kids, do your children soothe themselves by sucking on their thumbs, fingers, or pacifiers? In fact, do they refuse to take a nap without a pacifier, or throw tantrums in the car if they get caught without their beloved pacifiers, even for a second? Unfortunately, prolonged thumb-sucking or pacifier use can potentially create problems for children’s oral health. So, if your child is growing more and more dependent on a pacifier, or if you notice your child sucking on his or her thumb more and more frequently, now is a great time to talk to your pediatric dentist about how this could potentially lead to problems, and whether it might be best to start weaning him or her from this self-soothing habit. (more…)

Fun Alternatives to Playing Smile Sheriff with Your Kids

Are you getting tired of feeling like the bad guy, or the sheriff, in your house, because of how much time and energy you have to expend encouraging your kids to brush their teeth? Many young children complain about having to care for their teeth, but this does not have to be the dynamic in your home. If you want to help ensure your kids’ smiles are getting the care they need, but without having to police their every movie, consider your pediatric dentist’s tips for helping to make smile care more fun for the whole family, including you! (more…)

Holiday Fun In Dallas

At Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda, we like to set aside time in our blog to discuss upcoming events in the community. Dallas offers so much for you and your family to see and do. We urge you to check out some of the fun and exciting holiday events taking place this month. In addition, don’t forget to schedule a visit for your little ones to use your 2016 benefits before expire, and to ensure your child greets 2017 with a healthier smile.


Are Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy?

Now that your bundle of joy has come home from the hospital, your house is likely a bustle of feedings and diaper changes, and all the adjustments that come with being a parent of a newborn. Over the next few months, your baby will be growing daily and changing faster than you can believe, and one of the changes you will see is your baby’s first few teeth erupting. While it might be tempting to ignore their dental health, knowing those baby teeth will fall out eventually, it is actually incredibly important to care for your child’s baby teeth, and your pediatric dentist can help you understand why. (more…)

Keep Your Family Healthy This Holiday

Will your house soon be home to a host of family members and friends? Or, is your own family set to travel, soon, in order to spend time with loved ones over the busy holiday season? During December, many routines can be shifted out of balance. Sadly, for some families, this includes their dental care. If you want to enter the new year with healthy teeth and gums, though, it is important to care for your smiles throughout the holidays and beyond. Wondering if there are some simple yet important ways to do so? There are. Fortunately, preventive care isn’t complicated or even time consuming. It just requires making some smart choices, both at-home and at the dentist’s office. (more…)