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Keeping Parents Smiling Throughout Fall!

More information about fall, you ask yourself? How could one season elicit so much information? Well, when you look at temps that are ready to dip after a long, hot summer in Dallas, TX, there’s a lot to consider. This is particularly true as our real fall often begins later than the very first day… Read more »

Plan Out Your Halloween Night: It’s So Worth It! 

Yes, we know that before you had kids, you could just roll with Halloween night, as you took everything moment by moment! Head to a party? Leave for another? Stay out until 1am? No problem. However, you probably know very well by now that as a parent, a footloose and fancy free approach to things… Read more »

3 Important Details About Digital X-Rays!

You know, after you’ve done even a tiny bit of investigative work, that when your child receives a preventive dental visit with us (including a dental checkup and dental cleaning), one aspect of care will include digital X-rays. This is just like what Mom and Dad receive during their smile care. With that said, however,… Read more »

I Can’t Stop Worrying About My Child’s Smile! 

It’s completely understandable. You’ve watched your child grow and develop and you’ve been monitoring those lovely teeth since the very first one arrived! If you tend to be someone who is prone to worry, then worrying about your child’s smile is not out of the ordinary. However, it’s probably exhausting and you are likely well… Read more »

Smile Protection: Things You Shouldn’t Encourage

Of course, there are the obvious things you should absolutely encourage in terms of your child’s smile health! Keeping a scheduled routine for dental hygiene is wonderful, encouraging kids to participate in selecting dental care products for themselves is a good thing, and promoting the decision to eat good-for-your-teeth snacks and meals is smart! With… Read more »

Gum Changes And Why You Should Never Ignore Them

Seeing a quick flash of your child’s smile and recognizing that something has changed with your kiddo’s gums can be a bit shocking. It can also leave you feeling unsure about how to proceed. Should you just monitor the situation, continuing with daily dental care, as you see whether things get better or stay the… Read more »

We’re So Honored: The D Magazine 2019 Best Dentist Distinction! 

Did you know that each year, D Magazine announces Best Dentist distinctions in our Dallas, TX community? We are beyond pleased to announce that we have been selected as a best dentist for 2019 (an honor we are also very proud to have held for 2018 and 2017, as well!). Curious about how this works?… Read more »

Yes, We Care How Your Child’s Smile Looks! 

Of course, you know very well that our Dallas, TX team feels strongly about helping your child maintain a healthy smile! However, you may wonder: Do we care about the way your child’s smile looks or not? The answer is an easy one! We want your child to have the absolute best dental care experience… Read more »

Pre-Planning For Autumn Smile Care 

It may feel like autumn is so very far away! After all, it’s still quite hot outside, so thinking about russet-hued leaves, pumpkin carving, and more simply seems like something that it’s far too early to begin considering. However, we remind you that fall of 2019 begins on September 23rd and August is nearly here…. Read more »

Visualize Your Kids’ Adulthood Smiles: What Do You See?

When you visualize the smiles that you hope your children have in adulthood, what do they look like? What are your dreams for your kiddos? Our Dallas, TX team knows that it can be difficult to believe those little ones will eventually be all grown up. However, when you consider what you’d like to be… Read more »