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We’re So Honored: The D Magazine 2019 Best Dentist Distinction! 

Did you know that each year, D Magazine announces Best Dentist distinctions in our Dallas, TX community? We are beyond pleased to announce that we have been selected as a best dentist for 2019 (an honor we are also very proud to have held for 2018 and 2017, as well!). Curious about how this works?… Read more »

Yes, We Care How Your Child’s Smile Looks! 

Of course, you know very well that our Dallas, TX team feels strongly about helping your child maintain a healthy smile! However, you may wonder: Do we care about the way your child’s smile looks or not? The answer is an easy one! We want your child to have the absolute best dental care experience… Read more »

Pre-Planning For Autumn Smile Care 

It may feel like autumn is so very far away! After all, it’s still quite hot outside, so thinking about russet-hued leaves, pumpkin carving, and more simply seems like something that it’s far too early to begin considering. However, we remind you that fall of 2019 begins on September 23rd and August is nearly here…. Read more »

Visualize Your Kids’ Adulthood Smiles: What Do You See?

When you visualize the smiles that you hope your children have in adulthood, what do they look like? What are your dreams for your kiddos? Our Dallas, TX team knows that it can be difficult to believe those little ones will eventually be all grown up. However, when you consider what you’d like to be… Read more »

Bad Breath: 3 Things You’re Overlooking

You know that bad breath is not a good sign in terms of your child’s oral health. However, you know that it’s nothing to let yourself become too frantic about either. So, as you stay calm by try to sort out the problem, you may ask yourself: Once you’ve considered the obvious (but you are… Read more »

Feel Confident About Restoring Your Child’s Oral Health!

We definitely know that you might feel less than exceptional about bringing your child in for a restorative dental care visit! It’s not because you want your child’s current oral health issue to go untreated. It’s not because you have anything against dental care! It is, however, because you worry about the details. You want… Read more »

Kids and Dental Visits: Making It Easier

We can’t promise that all children will think going to the dentist is as fun as going to the swimming pool or the zoo. Just keep in mind that our children’s dental office in Dallas, TX has many amenities with our young patients (and their parents) in mind. Our light and bright office is welcoming, … Read more »

3 Times You Get Our Round Of Applause

The last thing you might expect by the time you get your child to our practice for a dental care visit is a round of applause. Instead, you may be wondering if someone has been hiding in the bushes, watching as you struggle to get your crying child into the car and buckled up, before… Read more »

Are Your Kids Overdoing It On The Toothpaste?

You may not realize that the amount of toothpaste your kids put on their brushes before they brush is actually very significant! Too little, of course, could mean ineffective cleansing. However, the greater concern is usually the overuse of toothpaste. Sure, it follows reason that if you want your teeth cleaner and your oral health… Read more »

Smile Care: Stuff We Take Off Of Your Plate!

As you know, having “a lot on your plate” is another way of saying you have tons to do, balance, manage, etc. If you’re a parent, then you pretty much always have a lot on your plate! Today, our Dallas, TX team would love to remind you of some of those things we help you… Read more »