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Back To Basics: Teenage Smile Care

If you have spent any time at all feeling challenged, overwhelmed, or frazzled in regard to your teenager’s smile care, we remind you: This is very normal! When they were little bitty, you brushed for them. Then, you brushed and flossed with them. Then, your kids became a bit more independent and you could work… Read more »

Asking Questions: An Easy Way To Talk About Smile Care With Kids

When you find yourself saying every morning, “Go brush your teeth!” and every evening, “Go brush your teeth, please!” and at some point each day, “Remember to floss!” you may feel like a broken record. You may also wonder if your kids would bother caring for their smiles without your prompt and consistent reminders. One… Read more »

Ways To Enjoy National Children’s Dental Health Month 2019

Every February, we remind you that not only are you looking forward to a loved-filled Valentine’s day but you also get to spend the entire month enjoying National Children’s Dental Health Month! While celebrating on the fourteenth may be something that comes effortlessly, you may realize that celebrating this smile-health-related observance is not necessarily something… Read more »

Instead Of Worrying: Stick With What You Can Control

Our Dallas, TX pediatric dental care team talks quite frequently about understanding your feeling as a parent. You want to do all of the things you can think of to do so that you feel sure you’ve given your child every opportunity to avoid problems, including in regard to dental care. You wonder, have you… Read more »

Your Child’s Tooth Infection: How And What Now?

When you think of serious dental issues, tooth infections, and the like, one of the last things you envision is your child’s nearly pristine grin! How on earth could such a cute, little, brand new tooth become infected, you wonder? Well, the thing is, little ones’ teeth are faced with the same types of problems… Read more »

How To Catch Oral Health Concerns Early

One of the things that may cause you some anxiety when it comes to keeping your children’s grins in lovely condition may be the following: Wondering how to detect problems early, rather than once they have actually had time to lead to oral illness or damage. While it may seem quite mysterious and something that… Read more »

Parents: A Few Things To Keep In Your Bag For Safe Smiles

Whether you’re mom or dad, you’ve probably got some kind of bag that you’re carrying around with you when you’re out with the kids. Maybe you have a purse, handbag, backpack, bookbag, laptop case, or something else! Whatever you choose to tote along the essentials for yourself and your children, one thing is certain: When… Read more »

3 Easy Goals For Your Kids’ Dental Care In 2019

If you have kiddos, then you already have a list a mile (or two) long with goals for the new year! Some may be easy and other complex. Fortunately, when you’re going through your goals-to-make ideas for your child’s dental care, you’re quickly going to realize that this is one area of life in which… Read more »

Ways to Make Your Child’s Smile Healthier

Learning and keeping up with good dental hygiene are the first steps to ensuring that your child enjoys a healthy, beautiful smile for life. However, much like your own smile, your child’s smile needs more than just a couple of sessions of teeth brushing and flossing. For parents in Dallas, TX, we offer a few… Read more »

Children’s Dental Care: It’s The Little Accomplishments

You might find that as you move through your daily life with your kiddos and you’re doing your best with oral health care and dental hygiene, some days seem like they require a lot of effort. Other days seem easier. The major upside to this amazing adventure? There are some truly delightful highlights along the… Read more »