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2 Things Your Parents Said That You’re Now Saying (That Are True)

You may occasionally catch yourself saying something to your child and you immediately think to yourself, “Oh my goodness, I sound like my mom!” or, “Yep, it’s finally happening, I’m turning into my dad.” This is one of those ever-relatable moments that other parents can connect with because lo and behold, you are a parent… Read more »

Help! My Child Is Gagging During Brushing Sessions!

Of course, when your child doesn’t want to brush and floss, you have a very particular type of challenge on your hands. However, when your child is willing but you watch on as your little one tries to brush but always ends up gagging, you can quickly find that you aren’t sure how to respond… Read more »

3 Things To Never Feel Guilty About

If you’re a parent, then you have already experienced all sorts of “parent guilt” about this and that. Your other parent friends can completely relate. You hear a lot about how you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself because you’re doing the best that you can! However, you may still find that the sting of… Read more »

Smile Health: Things To Remember About Your Kiddos

Our Dallas, TX team knows that what you really, really want is for your kids’ smiles to be healthy now and in the future. You want this to happen not only through your own efforts but also through your children’s amazing ability to learn how to brush, floss, and to schedule their own care when… Read more »

Sugar And Too Much Exposure: It’s The True Culprit!

Let’s talk about sugar for a moment. If you have children and you don’t happen have kiddos who magically dislike sweets (or you don’t have a strict no-sugar policy in your home), then this is going to be one very frequent topic. If you are like many parents, then your understanding regarding sugar and tooth… Read more »

Promote Happy, Healthy Smiles This Holiday Season!

The holidays can cause you to realize you have some things you need to get done as a parent. As much as it would be nice to simply avert your gaze, hope for the best, and assume a magical fairy will somehow just get it all done for you, the reality of the situation is:… Read more »

A Sweet Treat That Prevents Cavities: Could It Be True?

Of course, you have heard about ways to satisfy you child’s sweet tooth (and your own) without causing any damage. However, you may not know about how to indulge in a sweet treat and do so while actually preventing tooth decay just yet! Sound too good to be true? We are happy to report that… Read more »

Oral Health: Sneaky Tips For Preventing Dryness

Are you recognizing that with our cooler temps we have been enjoying, you’re also starting to notice serious dryness within your family? Perhaps you’ve been complaining about dry hands, while you notice your kiddo’s lips are on the verge of cracking. What’s going on, what you should you be doing differently, and should you see… Read more »

Ways Monitoring Your Child’s Oral Health Helps You, Too

When you’re putting a ton of focus on your child’s oral health, it can be easy to let your smile health take a backseat in order of importance. Of course, the best approach is to ensure the smile health of every member in your family is being taken into consideration. Wondering how to do this,… Read more »

Protect Those Little Smiles: Trick Or Treating Tips For Parents!

You already know all about the candies that can pose a potential problem for your kids’ smiles. If it’s super hard, it could crack teeth. If it’s very chewy, it will coat teeth and can dislodge braces. When it comes to selecting treats, rinsing and brushing teeth, and more, you are quickly becoming an expert!… Read more »