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Make Halloween Month Yummy (And Safe)

You’re going to be hearing an awful lot about Halloween from your kids throughout all of October because, well, it’s not until the very last day of the month! Of course, they’re also counting down the days until they get to have people simply hand over candy to them just because they exist and look… Read more »

2 Things We’d Rather You Didn’t Do

We know that it can be tricky to figure out whether you’re overreacting or if you’re under-reacting and, as a result, leaving your child’s oral health vulnerable to possible problems. Generally speaking, we say that if it is something you don’t know how to do or are not trained to do, call us to schedule a… Read more »

It’s Autumn: Keep Our Tips In Mind!

Yes, we know that the very last thing you want to think about once autumn makes its exciting appearance is telling your kids, “No” or telling yourself the same thing! We agree that this is a very cozy and lovely time of year. We also agree that the many snacks and invigorating details that come… Read more »

Your Child’s Dental Care: Has It Been A While?

We are not here to judge or make you feel bad! To the contrary, we are here to provide your child with dental care, to answer your questions, and to guide your child toward optimal oral health that stays in wonderful condition. Regardless of the reason you have not brought your child in for smile care… Read more »

Off To College: Back To School For Your Little Grownup!

Not sure what to do now that your kids are grownup? When your 18-year-old heads off to school, the usual dynamic of parent-taking-care-of-child’s-smile starts to shift. Fortunately, the dental care transition can be an easy one for everyone! Take some hints to heart.

Chapped Lips? We Can Help.

Does your little one have chapped lips but you’re not really sure what to do about it? Is it a severe case or is it quite mild? The last thing you want is for your kiddo to feel uncomfortable, so we understand if you’re feeling a little frantic for a solution. While a very serious… Read more »

Keeping Up With Kids’ Dental Care: Pat Yourself On The Back

You might rarely take the time to pat yourself on the back when it comes to the job you’re doing with your kids. It’s common to feel that you’re never doing enough, to wonder if you should have done something differently, and to quite frequently feel like after all you’ve done in a day’s time,… Read more »

Allergies And Your Kids: Things To Consider

Do your little ones get the sniffles, the sneezing, and the itchy, watery eyes during allergy season? Or throughout the year (this is Texas, after all)? If so, you may recognize the usual symptoms and problems associated with allergies. However, it’s easy to overlook the fact that they can also have some effect on your… Read more »

Protecting Teeth With A Bedtime Routine

A good oral hygiene routine is key to preventing major dental problems. A good routine at bedtime is helpful for children to develop habits and ease stress. The American Academy of Pediatrics developed a simple routine called “Brush, Book, Bed” for parents and children to do together. Every night there are the same three easy-to-follow steps:… Read more »

Don’t Forget About Mouthguards!

Do you have kids who love being active? Yep, we thought so! As you’ve noticed, your little ones love to be on the move and this commonly includes joining sports teams and taking up other athletic ventures. What you might not have considered yet, however, is the fact that it’s wonderful for your children to… Read more »