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Helping Your Child’s Teeth Protect Themselves

Despite the fact that common dental concerns, like tooth decay, are so common, natural teeth actually have plenty of resources for defending themselves against harmful oral bacteria. For children, protecting their teeth and maintaining their good oral health is especially reliant on these resources. The strongest and most important defense your child’s teeth have is… Read more »

Do Kids Need To Floss?

Many parents make sure their kids brush their teeth regularly, which is vital for maintaining optimal oral health and avoiding the onset of cavities. But they also need to floss! In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, dentist talks about how often kids need to floss, and why this is so essential for keeping little smiles… Read more »

More Ways to Help Kids Avoid Tooth Decay

After teaching your child how to brush and floss their teeth every day, it can seem like the fate of their smiles is in their own hands now. That’s partly true, but several parts of your child’s oral health care are still solely your responsibility as a parent. For example, they still rely on you… Read more »

Questions You Might Have About Fluoride Treatment

Some things about children’s dentistry are exactly the same as adult dental health care. For example, both young and older smiles need routine preventive care to stay clean and healthy. Both can also be subject to cavities if that care isn’t consistent. However, even with consistent care, children sometimes need a helping hand in preventing… Read more »

Spend an Artful Saturday at the DMA

When you think of fun activities to enjoy with little ones, does “art museum” pop easily into your mind? Perhaps not, if you think of fragile art and quiet marble floors. Well, think again! The Dallas Museum of Art has the Open Studio program on the first Saturday of each month, as a time specifically… Read more »

The Naughty Or Nice List: Smile Edition! 

When it comes to the holidays, your children are likely already quite familiar with the idea of the naughty or nice list! The “naughty” includes the bad, not-so-good stuff (and behavior) that might mean no holiday gifts! The “nice” includes the good, wonderful stuff (and behavior) that means holiday presents will likely appear during this… Read more »

Your Pediatric Dentist Talks About Cold Season

  It’s hard enough to be sick with a cold yourself. Watching a little one cough and sneeze can be even more heart-wrenching. Good hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes and getting enough sleep help keep us all healthy. Sometimes the cold and flu season hits close to home, despite out best efforts. Your Dallas,… Read more »

Holidays And Family Travel: Stuff To Consider! 

Yes! You had the conversations, you booked the tickets, you got every last detail ironed out: You’re leaving on a jet plane for a holiday destination with the family! Right. Now it’s time for the rest of the planning that will ensure you get from this point in time, onto the plane, and in celebration… Read more »

Questions To Ask Yourself For 2020! 

With the passing of each year, especially when you’ve got growing kiddos, it’s quite shocking to realize just how quickly the time has gone by! When you apply this way of thinking to your family’s oral health and, more specifically to the dental care you’re providing your children (with the help of our Dallas, TX… Read more »

Here Comes Halloween! Is It Only About Sugar?

Halloween! It’s headed this way and you can practically taste the sugary sweetness already! Maybe you love the overload of treats that this day brings. Maybe it causes you some stress! We know that your kids’ oral health is extremely important to you, so figuring out how to mix fun with some truly effective smile… Read more »