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3 Reasons We May Suggest Orthodontic Care

When you schedule a dental checkup with us for your child, our primary concern is monitoring the oral health of your child and offering treatment suggestions to maintain that health when necessary. As we watch your child’s smile develop, if it appears that smile is headed for misalignment, we may suggest orthodontic care. Parents often… Read more »

What To Do About Chewing Habits

Are you beginning to notice that your child is developing some chewing habits that you are not sure how to address? Perhaps you are having trouble deciding whether the new behavior warrants any concern or if it’s something your child will grow out of. When it comes to anything you think might negatively affect your… Read more »

Preventing A Broken Tooth

One of the things you want to avoid as a parent is damage to your child’s smile, including everything from small chips to the need for dental fillings. While certain things – like accidental falls – are out of your control, there’s a good deal that remains within your control when it comes to avoid… Read more »

2016: Quick Prep For Healthy Smiles

As you prepare to guide your child into another exciting year of growth and development, one of your goals includes promoting a healthy smile that stays that way. Like most parents, you likely have a long list of other very important concerns to ensure your child’s wellbeing in safe and sound. Fortunately, we are ready… Read more »

Check Your Child’s Brushing

Whether you have a young tot who is learning to brush his teeth for the first time or teenage girls who seem like seasoned pros, it is important that you monitor brushing habits. While we would all like to assume our children develop exceptional dental hygiene. However, as new skills develop, younger patients often overlook particular… Read more »

Compassionate Pediatric Dentistry

As you can clearly see, we love Halloween and getting into the celebratory spirit. One of the most exciting aspects of working with children is their immediate appreciation and enjoyment of the magical qualities in life. From lighting up when they see us in costume to telling us all about their Halloween plans, the holidays… Read more »

Q&A: About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth – also called “third molars” – can be quite confusing. This is particularly true since some patients have no problems with this final set of molars – while others deal with potentially damaging side effects. As for your personal experience and questions about wisdom teeth removal, it is important that you become familiar… Read more »

Restorative Care Benefits

When you discover that your child needs restorative care to make a repair, you may find yourself feeling conflicted. You know that restoring and protecting your child’s oral health is essential to promoting a lasting smile. However, you may have concerns about whether your child will feel comfortable and if treatment is really necessary. First,… Read more »

A Quick Guide to Children’s Dental Health

Your children’s teeth are more than just milestones; they’re placeholders for the adult teeth that will eventually grow in their place. Therefore, keeping their primary teeth healthy and in good shape is as important, and sometimes more so, as keeping your own smile healthy and disease-free. The first thing they should learn, then, is how… Read more »

Stages Of Tooth Development

When your little one’s smile is in the process of developing, watching each stage is amazing and exciting. However, when you’re not sure what to expect you can find yourself worrying about whether the developmental process is normal or if you should schedule a visit to see us. We are, of course, always happy to… Read more »