Category: General Dentistry

Dental Checkups: Guiding Straight Smiles

During your child’s dental checkup we look for a long list of concerns. True, our immediate focus includes concerns about oral health, including issues like gum disease or tooth decay. However, we also take a close look at the way your child’s teeth are developing. If they develop in such a way that will result… Read more »

Help! My Child Has Bad Breath

Sure, your little one may eat something every now and then that results in some not-so-pleasant breath. However, if you begin to notice that this is a daily problem, you may find yourself concerned that something more complex is happening. While your instincts are correct – there is certainly an underlying factor involved with bad… Read more »

Protecting Your Child From Gum Disease

You probably know that when it comes to the big bad wolf of oral health problems, periodontal disease is certainly quite the monster. However, if you don’t know much about what it is or how to prevent gum disease, you may find yourself at a loss regarding the protection of your little one’s smile. The good… Read more »

Ask Us Your Questions

Do you have a bunch of questions that you would like to ask us regarding your child’s dental care but you’re never sure when the best time is to approach with your inquiries? Please don’t be shy. We would like you to feel just as comfortable bringing your child in for a dental checkup as you do conversing… Read more »

Root Canal Treatments: Why We Suggest Them

Like any parent, you are probably a bit hesitant to schedule a dental treatment for your child until you have all of your questions answered. When it comes to understanding why we suggest root canal treatments for your little one, we can certainly understand why you feel concerned. First, recognize that we prioritize your child’s… Read more »