Making Sure Your Child Has A Great First Visit Experience

Every patient should be able to enjoy a dental treatment experience where they feel safe and secure, in addition to feeling great about their oral health care. A person’s overall comfort at the dentist’s office can be shaped by their earliest appointments, which is why these initial meetings are so important. At your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist’s office, children can be welcomed for care once their first tooth arrives for an introductory visit. In addition to checking on that tooth’s development, your dentist will take the time to introduce your child to the equipment in the office, and make certain they have a chance to grow comfortable in these new surroundings. By creating the right first impression, kids can be more comfortable, and more relaxed, at subsequent checkups. (more…)

Enjoy Target First Saturdays At The Nasher Sculpture Center

Your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist can make sure your smile’s needs are fully met at every routine dental exam. Of course, when it comes to the overall development of children, oral health is not the only matter you need to concern yourself with. Thanks to the Target First Saturday program at the Nasher Sculpture Center, you can bring your kids to check out the works of art on display for FREE! The museum will have special family-oriented activities running throughout the day, so you can make the most of your visit. Introducing kids to art can serve as a great opportunity to stimulate their minds, and their creative spirits! (more…)

Kids and Drinking Straws: Yes , No, Maybe

There are a lot of important decisions that you make about your child’s teeth. You can help them learn to brush properly, and use early office visits to establish a friendly dental routine. You help them eat a healthy diet, so teeth have nutrients to grow strong. Decisions about drinking straws are a small part of helping your child establish an overall healthy and happy smile routine. We share some thoughts from a dental point of view, about the yes, no and maybe of using a straw. (more…)

Your Child’s Swollen Gums: What To Think?

What do you notice when you look at your child’s oh-so-cute grin? If it’s not the world’s cutest smile you’re noticing but instead, you’re seeing swollen gums, then you might experience a sudden knot in your stomach. “Oh no,” you may think to yourself, “this doesn’t look good.” Here’s all of the good news you need to get started: If it’s a gum health issue, we can help. However, it might be something else entirely that will resolve on its own. Ready for some details? We had a feeling you would be!


Your Child’s Baby Teeth: 3 Things To Remember

One of those moments you wait for excitedly is when those baby teeth show up. You know it’s coming soon but when? While the anticipation can feel fun, it can also cause a bit of worry or frustration for parents. Whether you’re not sure what to expect, you’re comparing your kiddo to another child, etc., we encourage you to remember some important details, so this event can continue to be a milestone you feel happy about.


Game Day At The Library

Now that the kids are out of school and the temperatures are continuing to climb, one of your daily questions for yourself might include, “What can the whole family do today that’s fun and that won’t make us sweat too much?” If it’s a cool, everyone-is-included event you’re looking for, then you may want to head to Game Day at the library.


Smile Changes And Care: Now What?

As long as your children’s smiles remain the same, you can rely on the fact that you know how to provide dental care for them. You know what they should be doing in front of their bathroom sinks, so you can watch them, clean your teeth with them, or simply check in on their habits to make sure things are on track. Then, there’s professional care: It’s all about the two visits every year goal, which is something you can also handle. Now, throw a seemingly big change into the mix and you might not feel like you know what to do anymore! Our suggestion, of course, is to let us know you need a little help. We’re here for you!


Let’s Talk: Toothbrushing Apps!

As you have probably already discovered, when you announce to your kids, “Time to brush your teeth!” it doesn’t always go over so well. Or, you receive a somewhat neutral if not cold reception. What you’d love, of course, is to hear your kids clapping with glee. This seems unlikely. That is, until you become familiar with toothbrushing apps that can give your dental hygiene sessions the 180 that you’ve been dreaming about on a daily basis!


Chewy, Sticky Snacks: Navigating This Childhood Favorite

The second your child points to the chewiest, stickiest candy selection in the world as the ideal treat of the moment, you know that you’ve got your work cut out for you. Just one glance and all you see is tooth decay, damaged braces, and a tired jaw. What’s a parent to do when all you’re really attempting to accomplish is to let your kid have fun, while you keep everyone’s oral health in check? It’s not always easy, of course, but we do have some ideas that may make this common conundrum easier to handle!