When To Expect Baby Teeth to Show Up

It’s an exciting time when an infant’s first tooth comes in. For most babies, teeth start to appear at about six months. A pediatric dentist might refer to this as a tooth eruption schedule, but don’t expect anything like a volcano. Tooth eruption refers to the approximate timetable of when baby teeth begin to appear (erupt) from the gums. When the first teeth appear (or by one year of age) it’s time to schedule with a pediatric dentist for your child’s first checkup. (more…)

Quiz Time: Xylitol

Xylitol pops up in the news every now and then. It is an additive that takes the place of sugar, making some things (chewing gum, for example) a bit less likely to harm teeth. Your pediatric dentist is always looking for ways to help keep young teeth healthy. Regular checkups and cleanings are one way to help prevent cavities. Helping your child learn proper brushing and flossing techniques is also helpful. And if your child enjoys the treat of chewing gum or candy on occasion, products with xylitol can help keep cavities at bay. (more…)

STEAM Up Your Winter

If you have school age children, you may have heard of STEAM activities. It has nothing to do with boiling kettles and heat: STEAM activities incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and just plan fun. The Pleasant Grove Branch of the Dallas Public Library has STEAM activities after school to encourage educational activities in a playful and creative atmosphere.


Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours!

We hope you have had a wonderful year and that you’re looking forward to this time with family and friends. You finally have an opportunity to rest (or something like that!), soak up the quality time, and enjoy all of the perks of wintertime. As you may have already noticed, we think that one of those perks is that you have time to think back on the entire year and make some choices for the one we’re about to ring in! Mind if we share some ideas we have for what should be on that dental care list? Well, if you insist…


Stocking Stuffers: On Second Thought…!

There are some gifts that you may reach for on autopilot every year, as you shop for stocking stuffers for your kiddos. What you may not realize, however, is that if we were there guiding you, we might steer you away from many of those decisions because they bring with them some heavy oral health risks! Obviously, you aren’t always using the lens of a pediatric dentist as you shop, so we are here to offer that perspective for you! Consider some items to which you may wish to give a second thought (and some alternatives, too).


Kids’ Smile Tips: All Things Gift Wrap

If you’re lucky, though it might take a bit longer than if you were breezing along on your own, your kids love to help you wrap presents! Of course, they also love unwrapping them, too. While this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season, it can also turn a little dangerous very quickly. Never connected the dots this way but you’re ready to learn more? Keep kids’ smiles safe from accidental injury by considering some smile safe tips.


Holidays: 2 Emergencies You Can Avoid

Of course, we know that you are already all over the particulars of child safety. You think through every last detail and you may even be surprised by your capacity for prevention that sprung up once you became a parent! However, we also know that the holidays can make just about anyone feel frazzled. As a result, we like to bring up some suggestions for our parents, just in case we chime in with something a mom or dad has overlooked! Remember, the more information you have, the easier it is to avoid dental emergencies. (However, if you need our help, we are here to offer urgent treatment!).


Resolutions For Parents And Teens

Your little ones won’t necessarily be chomping at the bit to come up with New Year’s resolutions for their smiles! However, you and your teens can certainly sit down and talk over the things you think might make an impact on your oral health, as well as anything else that happens to fit the topic. (Hint: Maybe you have all been thinking about changing your dental hygiene products). Consider some easy ways to transition into 2018 with plans for healthy grins.


Cold Weather: Keep Kids’ Smiles Happy!

Your child doesn’t know why his or her mouth feels sticky but know something feels weird. Your daughter might not know why her lips suddenly feel papery and uncomfortable and she might not say anything about it until they’re quite dry! Your son may not realize that he keeps waking up coughing because winter is not always kindly and can dry out his oral tissues. However, you know these things! Let’s review some details to keep an eye out for (for your own and your child’s oral health) this winter, so everyone keeps comfortable smiles.