We understand that visiting a dentist for the first time may make you nervous. To help you know what the experience will be like, we’ve outlined a few steps about your first appointment.

Walk through your first visit!

You will arrive for a fun and relaxed visit at our office.
You’ll walk through the doors, and the staff will wave at you and say hello.
Your parent or guardian will check you in for the appointment, and you’ll sit in the waiting room.
While you wait to see the dentist, you can read our magazines, watch TV, or use our free Wi-Fi.
When it’s time for your appointment, a staff member will call your name. You and your parent will follow the staff member to meet the dentist.
The dentist will say hello and ask you about your interests and what brings you in for a visit.
The dentist will explain about all the equipment and tools being used.
The dentist will gently look at your teeth, letting you know exactly what is being done.
After the exam or treatment, the dentist will ask if you have any questions and happily answer them for you.
You will check out at the front desk after the appointment is over. Our staff will wave at you, say goodbye, and make plans to see you again in the future.

Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Appointment With Us

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