Reasons Your Kid Might Need Restorative Dentistry

You might think that dental problems only affect adults. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Many children also suffer from dental trauma and decay, which can cause problems for their young smiles, including tooth loss and even infection. Fortunately, restorative dentistry makes it possible to help address issues like cavities, chips, cracks and other dental issues, in order to protect their young smiles. So if you are concerned your kids might be in need of restorative dentistry, or if you have simply noticed changes in their smiles and are worried about them, now is the time to talk with their pediatric dentist about what can be done to restore and protect their oral health. (more…)

Make Sure Your Kids Drink Plenty of Water

The summer days may be winding down, now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still important reasons to make sure your kids continue to drink plenty of water each day. While the scorching heat may be a palpable reminder that your family needs to hydrate, regularly, your bodies still need adequate hydration to function at their best each and everyday. So take this opportunity to learn a bit more about why water is essential to your kids’ oral health, and what you can do to ensure they’re actually staying well hydrated each day. (more…)

Don’t Miss the Parade of Playhouses, in Dallas Now!

Is there anything more precious to kids, than a space to call their own? Playtime becomes infinitely more exciting, when kids are free to let their imaginations run wild, and their little legs too. If you’d like to make your children’s dreams come true, and maybe fulfill a lingering fantasy from your own childhood, you won’t want to miss the chance to win an epic, hand-crafted playhouse, all while supporting a good cause, in the CASA Parade of Playhouses on display now through July 31 at NorthPark Center.

Does Your Baby’s Smile Need Dental Care?

Is any smile more precious than your baby’s? Your child’s smile probably lights up every room he or she enters, and it has, of course, secured a special place in your own heart. What you may not realize, though, is that to protect that priceless smile, you will need to begin caring for your child’s teeth early. In fact, even before baby’s first tooth has erupted, there are still simple steps that can be taken to protect your baby’s oral health. (more…)

Does Your Child’s Smile Need Protection?

The kids will be heading back to school soon, which means your family’s calendar is likely to fill up with a variety of activities and exciting new endeavors. If some of those events include athletic competition, your child might require a mouthguard to protect his or her smile. Of course, an existing dental problem is another compelling reason to seek treatment, promptly, before summer is through. Restoration, like a filling or crown, could help improve your kids’ comfort, and perhaps even the appearance of their smiles, before they start a new school year! (more…)

Key Care for Your Kids’ Smiles This Summer

Summer break is in full swing, now, but soon it will be time for your kids to head back to school. Before they go, make sure to take advantage of their freer schedules, by getting their smiles the care they need to head into another academic year both healthy and beautiful. Summertime is a wonderful opportunity to visit the pediatric dentist for checkups and cleanings, as well as any necessary restorative dentistry they might need. That way, they can walk into their classrooms on the first day of school, with confidence, knowing their smiles look and feel their best! (more…)

Cool Off with Your Kids at the Summer Movie Series in Dallas

Are you looking for unique and fun ways to beat the heat this summer, without breaking the bank? Finding family-friendly activities that don’t cost a fortune can feel impossible at times, but the Kids’ Summer Movie Series at LOOK Cinemas can help! What kid doesn’t love a great movie, and what parent doesn’t love a great deal? Both dreams can be met with this deal. Tickets to the kid-friendly summer showcase are just $1 each, with kids’ meals of cinema-favorites available for just $4.50. Best of all, there’s still time to catch a host of great movies perfect for kids of all ages. (more…)

Is It Really Possible to Raise Kids That Eat Well?: Part Two

Does getting your kids to eat well-balanced meals feel like an ongoing struggle, or worse, an uphill battle you’re not sure you’ll ever really win? If so, you may have grown exhausted having the same discussion/disagreement every evening, about what goes on your kids’ dinner plates, and how much of it they actually need to consume. Your pediatric dentist knows all too well the importance of serving your kids healthy foods, but also understands how difficult that can be. Fortunately, there are several creative and effective ways to help get your kids on board, and even excited, about eating foods that will do their smiles and their bodies good! (more…)

Is It Really Possible to Raise Kids That Eat Well? Part One

Kids can certainly be picky eaters, which means trying to ensure they eat nutritious meals can often feel like a challenge. Unfortunately, this leads many parents to cave to requests for sugary, salty, fried and otherwise nutrient-lacking foods. Not only can this lead to malnutrition, it can also be problematic for young smiles, which need key vitamins to remain strong and healthy. Furthermore, diets high in sugar can cause kids to develop cavities, which can set them up for a lifetime of struggling with poor oral health. To combat this, why not use some sneaky strategies to finally get your kids eating healthier meals that will be good for both their bodies and their smiles? (more…)

Could Your Child Have a Cavity?

Has your child been complaining about tooth sensitivity or discomfort lately? Have you noticed your son shying away from some of his favorite treats, or your daughter turning down offers to enjoy delicacies she once loved? Discomfort when eating hot or cold foods, as well as those high in sugar, is just one warning sign that your child might have a cavity. Discoloration, especially black lines forming along crevices of teeth, is another common symptom of a cavity. Fortunately, your pediatric dentist should be able to help address your child’s cavities through minimally invasive treatment, like a tooth filling, so long as you schedule an appointment quickly. It’s important to remember that the longer a cavity remains untreated, the more likely it is to cause an infection. (more…)