Avoid Cavities This Year with Simple Preventive Care: Part Two

Sugar, and simple starches that convert into sugar, are one of the biggest contributors to cavities. That’s because the plaque bacteria responsible for acidic erosion, feeds on sugars. When your kids eat too much sugar, the plaque is feasting on it, and able to multiply much more quickly, leading to further plaque growth, which calcifies into tartar buildup. Since tartar can only be removed through a professional dental cleaning, preventing tartar is a key step in preventive care. This is also an excellent example why regular dental checkups are essential to healthy smiles. It should also be a compelling reason to make sure your kids are getting well-balanced meals, which can help keep their young smiles looking great for many years to come. (more…)

Avoid Cavities This Year with Simple Preventive Care: Part One

Want to know how to help your kids avoid cavities this year? If so, your pediatric dentist can help. While most children and adults will experience cavities at one point or another, they are preventable with excellent dental hygiene and regular professional checkups. Of course, smart dietary choices can help reduce the risk of developing cavities, as well. So teaching your kids the value of eating well, and taking great care of their teeth and gums, can go a long way in avoiding cavities!


Could a Dental Crown Help Correct Your Kid’s Smile?

Many parents don’t realize that adults aren’t the only ones that may require restorative dental treatment. Even children whose permanent teeth have not yet fully erupted, may struggle with issues like a dental cavity, or worse, an infection. In some cases the dentist may recommend a root canal, or a pulpotomy. But in many cases he or she may also recommend a dental crown. Crowns can protect fragile teeth, and help prevent the need for an extraction or prosthetic tooth. So if you or your child has gone through extensive restorative treatment on a tooth, or needs to have some completed soon, talk to the dentist about the benefits of following that procedure up with a dental crown. (more…)

Does Your Child Need a Pulpotomy? PartTwo

When an adult allows a cavity to progress for some time, it can lead to an infection requiring root canal treatment. But when the same cavity progression happens to a kid, most pediatric dentists recommend a less invasive approach. This often means conducting a pulpotomy, which helps remove infected portions of the tooth, while leaving the rest of the tooth safe and in tact. As a parent, if you’re worried about taking your child for restorative treatment, or just curious what that treatment will entail, here is what you need to know about pulpotomies and how they can help save your kids’ smiles. (more…)

Does Your Child Need a Pulpotomy? Part One

Ah, cavities! They are so common that nearly 90 percent of adults will experience them, and sadly, more than 40 percent of kids under twelve will also struggle with them. Prompt treatment can make recovery simple, though. Often all that is required to restore the smile, after a cavity, is a simple filling. Unfortunately, the longer a person delays treatment, the more likely extensive treatment will be required. In some cases, particularly with kids, this means a pulpotomy. Though the term may sound scary, understanding what it actually entails can help you discuss the treatment with your kids in a way that will make them feel comfortable, and confident as they receive this smile-saving restorative treatment. (more…)

Ways to Make Dental Care More Fun for Your Kids: Part Two

Helping your kids take great care of their teeth is an important responsibility, one that shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth! After all, brushing and flossing are simple and painless tasks. They shouldn’t seem otherwise, just because you are a parent! Even dental checkups are nothing to be afraid of, and the sooner you can teach your kids this, the more likely they are to enjoy lifetimes of good oral health. So if you’d like to make dental care more fun, your pediatric dentist can help. As someone who specializes in keeping young smiles healthy, and parents happy, don’t overlook the great help a pediatric dentist can be for your entire family! (more…)

Ways to Make Dental Care More Fun for Your Kids: Part One

Does convincing your kids to brush their teeth each night before bed feel more like torture than responsible parenthood? Are you tired of having the same dental hygiene debate every morning before they head out the door for school? Fortunately your pediatric dentist has lots of helpful ways to make dental hygiene more fun for your kids, so you can all enjoy healthy smiles without so much grumbling. And who doesn’t want that, especially on those already frantic weekday mornings? (more…)

Have a Cavity? How a Tooth-colored Filling Can Help

Whether it is you or your child that has developed a cavity, you probably already know that it’s time to see the dentist. Prompt restorative treatment is important with dental issues, because it helps stop decay and prevent worsening issues like an infection or even the need for an extraction. But what you may not realize is that a filling no longer means unsightly metal. Tooth-colored fillings provide a safe and more esthetically-pleasing restoration, compared to metal fillings, so that you, or your child, can smile both comfortably and confidently! (more…)

Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month with Your Kids

You may already be planning to show your kids how much you care, this Valentine’s Day, by giving them special gifts or even throwing a small party. But February isn’t just about celebrating Cupid’s arrival. It is also National Children’s Dental Health Month, an opportunity the American Dental Association hopes parents will take to teach their kids about the importance of regular dental hygiene and care. After all, few things are as important as your kids’ beautiful smiles. Make sure they’re well-cared for, and educate your children how to maintain healthy smiles throughout their lives. (more…)

3 Ideas For A Smile-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Are you all excited about Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to see the look on your children’s faces when you hand over their special Valentine’s presents? Does the realization that you want to see those smiles but you don’t want to load your children’s teeth up with sugar cause you some hesitation? Don’t worry – there are fun ways to celebrate this love-filled holiday without negatively affecting oral health.