Help Prevent Dental Cavities with Tips from Your Pediatric Dentist: Part One

What parent wants to see his or her child struggle with dental cavities? Sadly, cavities are incredibly common in school-aged children as well as adults. They can be uncomfortable, at first, especially when trying to enjoy meals and drinks, and eventually cavities can lead to troublesome pain, as well. Untreated cavities can even cause early tooth loss, which can lead to further problems. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent most cavities. Preventive checkups combined with great hygiene are wonderful ways to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Dental sealants can also help, though, especially for young children. So if you would like to keep your kids smiling, and prevent having to spend your time and money on treating their cavities, heed this advice from pediatric dentists! (more…)

Could Restorative Dental Treatment Help Your Child Smile Again?

It might seem like kids can enjoy eating whatever they want, because their baby teeth will eventually fall out anyways? Unfortunately this type of thinking can lead to extremely poor oral health, including cavities, gum disease and other dental problems a child could spend years trying to overcome. Fortunately, if your kid has developed a problem, either due to a poor diet, lax dental hygiene, or simply weak teeth due to genetics and other factors, it is possible to help him or her smile again. Pediatric dentists provide a number of conservative and minimally invasive ways to address children’s dental problems.


Reasons Your Kids Really Should Learn to Floss

It might seem hard enough teaching your kids how to and why they need to brush their teeth everyday. Do you really have to teach them to floss too? Even many adults admit they don’t floss as regularly as their dentists recommend. In fact, some studies indicate that more than 30 percent of adults only floss occasionally, and nearly that many admit they never floss at all. Unfortunately failing to floss can contribute to plaque buildup, which can lead to issues for both the teeth and gums, including the development of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. So, if you really care about your kids’ smiles, why not make this the year your whole family commits to flossing everyday? Not only will your next dental checkups go much smoother, your smiles will look and likely feel much better, too! (more…)

Smile-Friendly Foods Your Kids Will Love!

It may sometimes feel like a chore, just trying to get your kids to eat healthy foods that are good for their bodies and their smiles. Most children won’t pick fresh veggies over fried foods and processed snacks, given the choice. Still, there are smart ways you can help incorporate more nutrient-rich foods into your kids’ diet, without causing grumbles and protests every time they open the pantry. Not only will your kids likely enjoy more energy and better health, their smiles will benefit from these simple snack swaps, too! So if you want to help your children ace their next dental checkup, consider these alternatives to traditional snack foods.


Helpful Tips for Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth: Part Two

As your baby continues to grow, you will likely take several steps to help ensure your son or daughter enjoys a healthy childhood. Regular doctor visits are essential in a baby’s first few years, but dental visits become equally important! That is because even babies can develop oral health issues, like baby bottle tooth decay, which could contribute to a lifetime of dental problems. Fortunately a pediatric dentist can help prevent this and other potential oral health issues. So to prevent problems, children should visit the dentist, just like adults, for checkups. You can also help maintain your child’s oral health, through these simple steps to be taken at-home.


Helpful Tips for Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth: Part One

Can you believe it? Your tiny baby is turning one soon! It probably feels like the time has flown by, and now, not only do you have a great milestone to celebrate, you also have a wonderful reminder how important it is to take great care of your child’s first few teeth. At age one, dentists recommend children start visiting the dentist, since regular cleanings can help prevent dental issues before they develop. (more…)

Just for Fun Facts About Dentistry: Part Two

Does your mind ever wonder while you’re brushing your teeth? Are you ever curious just how much floss is sold, for instance, or how many bacteria are actually in your mouth? Maybe you would just love some fun dental facts to share with your kids, the next time you are also trying to explain to them the importance of taking great care of their teeth and gums. If so, the good news is that your pediatric dentist is a wealth of information, from helpful preventive care tips to fascinating facts about oral health, in general. (more…)

Just for Fun Facts About Dentistry: Part One

Do your kids eye roll every time you ask them to brush their teeth. No matter how hard you try, does it seem impossible to get them to care about their smiles? Sometimes the best way to get your kids interested in caring for their oral health is simply by making dental care more fascinating. Relaying fun facts about their teeth and dental care, in general, is one way to do so. You might even learn something new yourself, which could make taking care of your own teeth more essential. (more…)

Fun Ways to Get Kids Excited About Caring for Their Smiles

Do your children try to sneak off to bed without brushing their teeth, every single night? Is their morning routine filled with lots of whining about having to brush their teeth? If so, you are probably tired of feeling like one of the hardest parts of your job, as a parent, is simply making sure they take basic steps to keep their smiles healthy in between dental checkups. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to feel like torture trying to ensure your kids enjoy oral health. A few simple tactics can help make oral care more fun for the whole family. (more…)

Got Questions? Ask a Pediatric Dentist: Part Two

You have probably heard the expression that knowing you have a problem is half the battle. Unfortunately, when it comes to parenting identifying problems can seem like a very uphill battle. After all, when your children are young you cannot always trust that they will talk to you when they are not feeling well, much less when something seems wrong with their smiles. They probably don’t know, themselves, what constitutes a dental problem or even an emergency. Fortunately, that is why pediatric dentists work closely with parents, to help educate them about how to best care for their children’s smiles, as well as how to spot potential problems early on, when restorative treatment is often fast and effective!