Category: Restorations for Kids

Does A Child Ever Need A Tooth Extraction?

We’ve been talking a lot about our fillings and crowns, and even root canal procedures, which we use to repair teeth and preserve them. However, sometimes an oral health issue could arise that needs more than a restoration. To avoid complications, we may need to actually remove one! In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric… Read more »

What Happens If A Child’s Tooth Becomes Infected?

When your little one’s tooth aches due to a cavity, then a filling may be necessary. But what if the cavity grows so severe an infection arises? To avoid complications like worsening pain or premature tooth loss, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist may suggest we treat an infection with a conservative root canal procedure known… Read more »

Which Crown Will Your Child Need?

When your child has a serious cavity, or an issue with the shape of the tooth that impacts bite and alignment, then a crown may be prescribed. We offer two different options for our young patients, stainless steel and zirconia. Which one is right for your smile, and when you should you bring your little… Read more »

Ensuring Your Child’s Comfort With Sedation

Often, kids may feel anxious about visiting the office or undergoing treatment. In addition, others could have special needs that make receiving treatment difficult. Fortunately, to help ensure every patient feels calm and relaxed when they undergo treatment, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist offers sedation dentistry.

Do Children Ever Need Root Canal Therapy?

When kids develop tooth decay, we often address the issue quickly with natural-looking dental fillings. But what if a child develops an infected or abscessed tooth? Will your child need to undergo a root canal treatment? In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist discusses the benefits of a pulpotomy, a conservative alternative to root… Read more »

When Your Child’s Tooth Decay Gets Serious

There are many different concerns that your child might experience with their dental health, but that they can largely avoid with good dental hygiene and right level of preventive care. Tooth decay is one of the more common of these concerns, and fortunately for many kids, preventing and treating it can often be minimally invasive…. Read more »

How a Dental Crown Might Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

While prevention is typically the main focus of your child’s dental care, there may sometimes be a need for more involved treatment to address a particular issue with your child’s tooth or oral health. For example, if your child’s tooth cracks or breaks, or experiences some other form of damage, then restoring the tooth with… Read more »

3 Ways a Filling Can Save Your Child’s Smile

Typically, the goal of dental health treatment for your child is to help them preserve their smiles, which entails helping them prevent the common conditions that could threaten it. However, if a problem does develop, such as a cavity in your child’s tooth, then saving their smile means addressing it as soon as possible. With… Read more »

Does Your Child’s Tooth Need a Filling?

When you child complains of a toothache, or exhibits other signs of a concern with their teeth, it isn’t easy to diagnose the cause of it on your own. Therefore, it can be difficult or impossible to help your child find any lasting relief from their discomfort, much less prevent it from returning and progressing…. Read more »

What Treating Your Child’s Cavity Means

The majority of the time, protecting your child’s oral health means doing all you can to help them prevent common dental concerns, like cavities. By teaching them good dental hygiene and bringing them to the dentist for routine checkups and cleanings, you can do a lot to help them protect their smiles. However, there’s no… Read more »