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3 Times When Your Child’s Tooth Might Need Extraction

One of the most important goals of children’s dental care is to help your child preserve their healthy, natural smiles to promote better oral health growth and development. Sometimes, however, that goal is interrupted by a tooth that has to be extracted, and removing it could be necessary to preserving the rest of your child’s… Read more »

What to Do When Your Child Has Severe Tooth Decay

Tooth decay often plays a major role in children’s dental health care. In fact, most people experience it at some point in their lives, and for many people, the first instance is during their childhood. The good news is that tooth decay is more preventable today than it’s ever been thanks to advancements in dental… Read more »

Saving Your Child’s Tooth with a Dental Crown

For most of your child’s dental health care, preventive measures like excellent hygiene, regular checkups and cleanings, and more can help prevent a lot of problems from occurring. However, it can’t prevent everything, and some issues can affect your child’s teeth despite your best efforts at helping them prevent problems. For certain types of concerns,… Read more »

3 Ways a Tooth Filling Can Save Your Child’s Smile

The fact that tooth fillings save teeth that have developed cavities is well-known. In fact, most adults have at least one filling in their teeth, due to the fact that cavities affect a majority of them to some degree. However, you may wonder if a filling can do the same for your child’s smaller primary… Read more »

Why Fill a Cavity in Your Child’s Baby Tooth?

When you have a cavity, your instinct may be to see your dentist to have it filled. When your child has a cavity in one of their primary teeth, however, you might wonder if filling it is really necessary. The short is answer is usually yes; any instance of tooth decay should be addressed as… Read more »

Is It Ever a Good Idea to Extract a Baby Tooth?

For much of your child’s oral health care, you’ve heard that preserving their healthy primary (baby) teeth is important to preserving their long-term oral health. Therefore, it may be surprising to learn that, as part of their oral health care, some children may require the removal of their primary teeth even if they haven’t fallen… Read more »

Can Baby Teeth Receive Tooth Fillings?

When you teach your child good hygiene skills and bring them to the dentist regularly for routine checkups and cleanings, you give them a good chance at avoiding things like cavities. However, cavities are the most common dental concern for a reason – it doesn’t take much for them to develop, and children sometimes need… Read more »

3 Ways To Think About Cavities 

You can, of course, feel very upset when you learn that your child has a cavity, you can lament anything that you may have possibly done to contribute to the tooth decay, and you can even feel somewhat afraid of them. It’s your choice! However, our Dallas, TX team takes it upon ourselves to remind… Read more »

Feel Confident About Restoring Your Child’s Oral Health!

We definitely know that you might feel less than exceptional about bringing your child in for a restorative dental care visit! It’s not because you want your child’s current oral health issue to go untreated. It’s not because you have anything against dental care! It is, however, because you worry about the details. You want… Read more »

Is Root Canal Treatment a Good Idea for Kids’ Teeth?

Root canal treatment is a popular solution for adults who experience severe tooth decay. When the infection reaches the pulp of the tooth, which is the chamber that houses the nerves and blood vessels, removing the infected tissues is the most effective way of stopping it from growing worse. However, conventional root canal treatment can… Read more »