3 Serious Potential Causes of Your Child’s Toothache

In many ways, children react to toothaches the same way adults often do. If the pain isn’t severe, they may try to ignore it for as long as possible. Unfortunately, this can give the problem that’s causing the tooth to hurt enough time to lead to more serious trouble for your child’s oral health. With enough time, even seemingly minor problems can become much more severe, leading to the need for more extensive treatment in order to restore your child’s good oral health. (more…)

Does Your Child Have a Toothache? Here’s What to Know

When your child develops a toothache, the extent to which they complain about it might not accurately reflect the severity of the toothache itself. Some children may suffer the pain silently until it’s too severe to take anymore. Others may panic at the discomfort when their teeth start to grow sensitive. In any cases, it can be even more difficult to determine the cause of your child’s toothache or the appropriate solution for it without knowing more. Because of this, it’s important to schedule a visit with your child’s dentist if they complain of a toothache to any degree. (more…)

What Kind of Treatments Can Relieve Your Child’s Toothache?

When your child has a toothache, addressing it isn’t always easy, especially on your own. That’s because the discomfort is often a sign of something wrong with your child’s tooth, and addressing the underlying concern requires professional dental treatment. Today, we examine a few such concerns and how they can lead to your child’s tooth aching, as well as specific treatments we can customize to help your child find lasting relief from the pain. (more…)

What’s Really Behind Your Child’s Toothache?

When a tooth aches, the causes for it can often be similar. However, for both children and adults, knowing the specific cause of a toothache isn’t always as simple as it might seem. A tooth can become sensitive and achy for a wide range of potential reasons, and guessing the cause may only lead to more harm than good. Today, we examine a few common concerns that may be behind your child’s toothache, and why addressing them requires a personalized, specific approach. (more…)

Are Toothaches Really Preventable?

Your child’s oral health isn’t predictable, and as their teeth and oral structures grow, there may be one or more conditions that arise and need correction. However, some common conditions, such as chronic toothaches and the issues that often cause them, can usually be prevented. When successful, preventing things like toothaches and other concerns can help save your child from a world of discomfort, and from the need for more extensive dental treatment if the cause of the toothache grows worse. (more…)

What To Do If Your Child Has A Toothache

When your child expresses that they are experiencing dental pain, you may be tempted to write it off as growing pains or a tooth becoming loose. However, there are dangers to ignoring oral pain, as it could be a sign of serious tooth decay or even an infection. So, in today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentists will explain some of the causes of a toothache, and how we can handle it when you bring your child into our office.


Can You Save Your Child from Toothaches?

If possible, you would save your child from ever feeling any kind of discomfort. When it comes to toothaches, you can at least do more to help your child avoid the pain than you can for most other things. While you can’t guarantee that your child will never experience a toothache or any other dental health issue, you can help them understand the importance of keeping up with good hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly. This will help them successfully prevent many of the most common things that can cause a toothache, and in many cases, the need for extensive treatment to alleviate one. (more…)

What to Keep in Mind When Your Child’s Tooth Hurts

Toothaches are common at any age, and they can result from so many different conditions that it’s often impossible to diagnose one without professional help. When your child’s tooth hurts, for example, it might be because they’ve damaged the tooth somehow, or because the tooth is starting to get a cavity. At our Dallas, TX, children’s dental office, we can help you and your child determine the source of the toothache, as well as the most appropriate treatment to make it stop. We can do that best if you call us as soon as your child’s tooth starts hurting. (more…)

Things to Know About Your Child’s Toothache

When children develop toothaches, they don’t always handle them as calmly as adults often do. In addition to the pain itself, children might have no idea where it’s coming from or what it means, which could make their situation more stressful and frightening. At our Dallas, TX, dental office, we’re proud to provide the compassionate care that children need in a comfortable, calming environment to treat their toothaches and help them feel more at ease during their visit. (more…)

Figuring It Out: Does Your Child Have A Toothache?

Sometimes, you might not really know what to make of what’s going on with your little one! You wonder: Does your child have a toothache but isn’t telling you? Does your child think that his or her tooth hurts but really, it’s a nearby structure or set of tissues that’s causing the discomfort? Of course, our Dallas, TX pediatric dental care team is ready to help you do a bit of detective work, so you can sort out what might be going on and how to move forward. With that said, when you cannot find the source of pain or you’re just not certain, set up a dental checkup with us!