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What’s Really Behind Your Child’s Toothache?

When a tooth aches, the causes for it can often be similar. However, for both children and adults, knowing the specific cause of a toothache isn’t always as simple as it might seem. A tooth can become sensitive and achy for a wide range of potential reasons, and guessing the cause may only lead to… Read more »

Are Toothaches Really Preventable?

Your child’s oral health isn’t predictable, and as their teeth and oral structures grow, there may be one or more conditions that arise and need correction. However, some common conditions, such as chronic toothaches and the issues that often cause them, can usually be prevented. When successful, preventing things like toothaches and other concerns can… Read more »

What To Do If Your Child Has A Toothache

When your child expresses that they are experiencing dental pain, you may be tempted to write it off as growing pains or a tooth becoming loose. However, there are dangers to ignoring oral pain, as it could be a sign of serious tooth decay or even an infection. So, in today’s blog, your Dallas, TX,… Read more »

Can You Save Your Child from Toothaches?

If possible, you would save your child from ever feeling any kind of discomfort. When it comes to toothaches, you can at least do more to help your child avoid the pain than you can for most other things. While you can’t guarantee that your child will never experience a toothache or any other dental… Read more »

What to Keep in Mind When Your Child’s Tooth Hurts

Toothaches are common at any age, and they can result from so many different conditions that it’s often impossible to diagnose one without professional help. When your child’s tooth hurts, for example, it might be because they’ve damaged the tooth somehow, or because the tooth is starting to get a cavity. At our Dallas, TX,… Read more »

Things to Know About Your Child’s Toothache

When children develop toothaches, they don’t always handle them as calmly as adults often do. In addition to the pain itself, children might have no idea where it’s coming from or what it means, which could make their situation more stressful and frightening. At our Dallas, TX, dental office, we’re proud to provide the compassionate… Read more »

Figuring It Out: Does Your Child Have A Toothache?

Sometimes, you might not really know what to make of what’s going on with your little one! You wonder: Does your child have a toothache but isn’t telling you? Does your child think that his or her tooth hurts but really, it’s a nearby structure or set of tissues that’s causing the discomfort? Of course,… Read more »

Children’s Chewing Pain: What You Should Know

When you’re eating a snack or sitting down to a meal together and you notice your child is experiencing chewing pain, your antenna immediately goes up. Is this normal? Is it a sign of an oral health problem? How to know when a bit of discomfort in a developing grin is to be expected, when… Read more »

A Few Tips to Prevent Toothaches

For some children, a nagging toothache can be just a nuisance, or it can cause severe discomfort that interrupts their ability to concentrate or go about their day. In many cases, a pain reliever or dental analgesic might offer some temporary relief. However, the toothache is likely to persist until you bring your child to… Read more »

Remember These Things During A Toothache

There’s nothing like a toothache to throw a major wrench into your plans, to send you into overdrive in trying to soothe your child, and to leave you wondering what to do next. We know this because like just about every other parent in the world, when this happens to your kid, it can feel… Read more »