Making Your Infant Feel Safe And Secure At Their First Visit

Your own dental visits may keep a straightforward focus on your oral health needs, but pediatric dental care can require a slightly different approach. Of course, your pediatric dentist is committed to protecting the health of your child’s smile, but they also need to make sure they create an environment that feels safe and supportive. This need for a supportive environment is especially important when you bring your infant in for their first checkup. Because a new place, and new people, can be overwhelming, your pediatric dentist will strive to provide the most comfortable possible experience. As your child grows up, these early visits can make them feel more relaxed, and more at ease with trips for routine dental exams. (more…)

Breath: Let’s Talk About It

It’s very easy to assume that if your child’s breath isn’t friendly and approachable, your little one (or teen) may not be brushing and flossing. This is absolutely a possibility! However, it’s not the only possible reason for unpleasant breath. So, what to do about bad breath when it ends up on the scene? Try a few things out to see if you can identify the culprit. If not, it may be time for a quick visit!


We’re Here For Your Kids When…

You may love knowing that you have found a pediatric dental practice that promises complete care for little ones (and your teens, too). However, that doesn’t mean you can quickly rattle off the different ways we are here for your children when they need dental care. As a result, you may even overlook some services we provide, which can be to you and your children’s benefit! Let’s cover the main points that you should keep in mind, so you’re quick to call us up no matter what type of care your child needs for his or her smile!


Butterfly Festival

There’s just something magical about the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings, not to mention watching the transformation that takes place from caterpillar to flying beauty! Lucky for you and your kiddos, there’s a real life chance to witness all of the splendor of butterflies up close during the upcoming Butterfly Festival.


Protecting Baby Teeth: 3 Things To Avoid

You may already know that even though baby teeth will eventually be shed and permanent teeth will replace them, they serve as preliminary guides for those future teeth. While you are aware that consistent dental hygiene and visits are essential in your efforts toward protecting primary teeth, there are some possible hazards you might overlook. Let us ensure that you are not with a few tips for what to avoid.


DFWChild Opens Nominations For Mom-Approved Dentists!

In 2017, we were fortunate enough to be nominated and receive the stamp for Mom-Approved Dentist, a designation provided by a comprehensive listing of medical professionals on The nomination period for 2018 has just begun! We just wanted to give you this quick reminder, letting you know that if you would like to nominate our practice, we would be honored and have gathered up the information you need to do so! We thank you for your time and trust and look forward to seeing you and your children again soon!


3 Tips to Help Your Child Avoid Cavities

Kids can often be more prone to cavity development than adults, but not because the condition targets them more often. On the contrary, successfully preventing cavities requires consistency in your hygiene and dental care routines. Because children are less adept at keeping their mouths constantly clean, they have a higher risk of allowing oral bacteria to infect their teeth. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help your child avoid cavities, and today, we examine three of the most effective things. (more…)

EarthX Event!

Have you heard about EarthX? It’s referred to as “The World’s Largest Environmental Experience” and is something you will absolutely not want to let pass you by. In short, it’s an event that promotes creating a world in which we protect the future through sustainability. As for the details, that’s where things get very interesting. Learn more!


Kids’ Flossing Is Only As Good As Their Parents’ Habits

What would you say if we asked if you’re a master flosser? If you could say that you certainly floss every day like you’re supposed to but you’re not so sure about how good you are at flossing, then we remind you of one important detail: Your kids’ dental hygiene is only going to be as good as your own, since you’re the primary teacher in your home. To make sure everyone in your household is on track with this essential detail, let’s make our way through a quick review.


Things To Remember: When A Crown Is Your Child’s Best Option

When we tell you that a dental crown is the best solution for your child’s smile, you may look at us in disbelief. If you think of crowns as treatments that adults get but you never really considered them a viable option for your child, we encourage you to remember that this is very common! In addition, when it’s what your child needs, you can feel relieved as you get on board and ensure you protect your son or daughter’s oral health. So, what to keep in mind, so you continue to feel optimistic and understand why we chose the crown route? We can answer that!