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Wishing You And Yours A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

To begin, we would like to extend our wishes to you and your family for a warm and cozy, extremely happy Thanksgiving! This time of year is particularly fun and festive and from our Dallas, TX team to your little crew, we hope your celebration is a lovely one! Now, as for what we do… Read more »

Promote Happy, Healthy Smiles This Holiday Season!

The holidays can cause you to realize you have some things you need to get done as a parent. As much as it would be nice to simply avert your gaze, hope for the best, and assume a magical fairy will somehow just get it all done for you, the reality of the situation is:… Read more »

Your “I Don’t Know What To Do!” Moments

There are oh so many, “I have no idea what to do!” moments that come about when you have a child. Sometimes, you can wing it! Other times, such as with dental emergencies and otherwise, you may find yourself in a bit of a panic. You want to make wonderful choices for everything from dental… Read more »

Holidays: 2 Emergencies You Can Avoid

Of course, we know that you are already all over the particulars of child safety. You think through every last detail and you may even be surprised by your capacity for prevention that sprung up once you became a parent! However, we also know that the holidays can make just about anyone feel frazzled. As… Read more »

Remember: We’re Here For Urgent Care!

As you have noticed in being a parent, it’s difficult if not impossible to predict what might happen next. One day is somewhat uneventful and the next, when you turn your back for two seconds, your child manages to break a tooth. Not sure what happened or what you could have done any better? Don’t… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Your Phone

When it comes to keeping all of the details of everything in your life and your children’s lives accounted for and organized, the challenge can often feel a little intense! The good news is that we can offer you a streamlined way to keep up with the most important details of your child’s dental care… Read more »

Are You Ready For A Dental Emergency?

We know that the very last thing you ever want to think about is your child experiencing a dental emergency. However, the one thing worse than this occurrence is feeling completely unprepared to handle it should it happen to you and your child. The good news here is that getting ready ahead of time (it’s… Read more »

Why Your Child May Need Emergency Dentistry

You can give children the knowledge and tools necessary to keep their smiles healthy for life, but unfortunately, accidents and emergencies can still occur without warning. In addition to protecting young smiles with regular preventive care, we also schedule emergency visits to help ensure that children can always receive the expert dental care that they… Read more »

Does Your Child Need Emergency Dentistry? Part Two

Even if you know your child needs to visit the dentist as soon as possible, due to a dental emergency, that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do in the meantime. In fact, there are likely a few simple steps you can take to help preserve your child’s damaged tooth and to make sure their… Read more »

Does Your Does Your Child Need Emergency Dentistry? Part One

Emergency situations are never fun, particularly as a parent. It’s hard to see your child suffering, regardless of the cause or situation. Fortunately when it comes to dental emergencies, there are often some simple steps you can take to help care for your child and keep him or her calm. You can also increase the… Read more »