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Sports Drinks: A Few Things To Consider

Your kids love sports drinks! They are delicious, come in beautifully vibrant colors and amazing flavors, and they’re the cool thing to drink when participating in sports! They may also be a favorite off of the field, too, which is not always the best thing for your child’s oral health. Of course, occasionally enjoying a… Read more »

Teens And Easy Routine Changes: We Can Help!

You have a teenager and you want your teen’s smile to remain as healthy as possible! This is something that can seem challenging at first but, with some helpful advice, that may seem more and more achievable every day. To help you feel better and more prepared in terms of the need for routine dental… Read more »

Children’s Chewing Pain: What You Should Know

When you’re eating a snack or sitting down to a meal together and you notice your child is experiencing chewing pain, your antenna immediately goes up. Is this normal? Is it a sign of an oral health problem? How to know when a bit of discomfort in a developing grin is to be expected, when… Read more »

When Your Child Is Worried About Fillings

While you may not love learning that your child needs a dental filling, you understand the reasoning, you know that it will solve a problem, you are aware the results will look just lovely, and you have probably had one before (so you are not afraid of them). However, when your child learns it’s time… Read more »

Pre-Summer Suggestions For You!

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, sorted, and planned along with spring’s arrival, our Dallas, TX team comes along with early reminders for summer! Not to worry, these aren’t pressing matters to take action on immediately. Instead, we simply like to offer up some gentle alerts ahead of time, so as… Read more »

3 Cavity Reminders You’ll Want To Remember

You don’t love thinking about cavities when it comes to your kiddos but you know that tooth decay is always a possibility. Some parents feel extremely stressed out at the thought of the development of even one cavity, while others wonder if they should be more worried. Of course, our Dallas, TX team encourages you… Read more »

Is There a Sure Way to Prevent Cavities?

Cavities are the most common threat to your child’s teeth, and preventing them is an important aspect of their routine dental care. The good news is that, while there is no single treatment or dental solution that’s guaranteed to prevent cavities, there are specific measures you can take to help protect your child’s teeth from… Read more »

Your Kiddos’ Grins: How To Avoid Frantic Feelings On Valentine’s Day

Yep, we know it: Valentine’s Day will be here shortly, which means just about everyone is going to be indulging their sweet tooths and going full-force into what you may only be able to think of as a sugary oblivion. When you have kids, of course, any feelings of being overwhelmed by this potential oral… Read more »

Sugar And Too Much Exposure: It’s The True Culprit!

Let’s talk about sugar for a moment. If you have children and you don’t happen have kiddos who magically dislike sweets (or you don’t have a strict no-sugar policy in your home), then this is going to be one very frequent topic. If you are like many parents, then your understanding regarding sugar and tooth… Read more »

A Sweet Treat That Prevents Cavities: Could It Be True?

Of course, you have heard about ways to satisfy you child’s sweet tooth (and your own) without causing any damage. However, you may not know about how to indulge in a sweet treat and do so while actually preventing tooth decay just yet! Sound too good to be true? We are happy to report that… Read more »