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Does Your Child Show Signs of a Bite Problem?

Some signs of concern with your child’s oral health are obvious. For example, if your child complains of a toothache, then it’s likely the cause of something that requires attention from your child’s dentist. However, some signs of trouble aren’t always obvious, and they can be easy to miss if you aren’t actively looking out… Read more »

Reminders For A Very Enjoyable (Smile Safe) Turkey Day! 

Whether you call it Turkey Day or Thanksgiving, it’s nearly here and it’s definitely a departure from the usual meals you consume on a daily basis! It’s a lovely way to enter the winter holiday season, as it’s full of exceptionally yummy fare that’s nostalgic and truly cozy. While this is probably something you love… Read more »

New Smile Changes: Could It Be Fall Allergies?

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s quite a lot more to consider in terms of what the autumn season can mean for your child’s smile and oral health than you may have realized! The good news is that once you learn all of these particulars, they are details you will remember fall season after fall… Read more »

Hello, Autumn! Hello, End Of Year Smile Care! 

We know that it feels like your kids just started back at school. We know that it’s still shockingly warm outside in our Dallas, TX community. However, the calendar tells us that it is officially fall. So, with that said, we welcome in the autumn season! As a result, our team also feels compelled to… Read more »

Smile Care: Between Now And Back-To-School Time! 

It might not feel like crunch time just yet (and we certainly don’t want to rob you of your precious and lovely summer for even a second)! However, our Dallas, TX team would like to gently remind you that in terms of summer vacation, we’re definitely at or beyond the halfway point, which means any… Read more »

Dental Care First, Then Sleep: Why It’s So Important! 

You may wonder: Why are we so enthusiast about reminding you to have your children practice their dental hygiene before they snooze for the night? Can’t you just wake them up, have them brush (and floss) and then get back into bed, you wonder? While this is an option, it frequently presents a variety of… Read more »

I Don’t Want My Child To Have My Smile Problems

When you think about your children’s smiles, it’s often difficult not to associate them with your own. What you want, of course, is for your kids to have the easiest, most successful experience they can with their smile health and with the dental care they receive and practice throughout their lives! Unfortunately, if you have… Read more »

Inflammation And Your Child’s Smile

The second you hear the words inflammation and your child’s smile, you may feel your pulse quicken! There’s generally nothing good about inflamed tissue, aside from the fact that it’s your body’s natural way of trying to protect itself! As for what it means for you and for your child’s oral health, well, you generally… Read more »

Smile Health Mishaps: Seeing The Silver Lining!

While it may not feel like it in the moment, our Dallas, TX team reminds you that every dental-related rain cloud has a silver lining! Though it’s quite easy to get caught up in the excitement and upset that may accompany moments in which your child needs urgent care or when you feel disappointed in… Read more »

3 Things To Nip In The Bud ASAP: For Kids And Teens

Yes, we know, you could probably come up with a list as long as your arm every single day in terms of things your kiddos are starting to do that you think you might need to nip in the bud. However, sometimes you choose to back off, sometimes you need to become a super enforcer… Read more »