How Do I Know If I My Kid Has a Dental Cavity? Part One

As a parent, you hate to see your kid in pain, particularly when it is preventable. Sadly, many kids will be diagnosed with dental cavities, which can create sensitivity, discomfort, and even painful tooth infections. In fact, cavities are the most common disease faced by kids in America. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 40 percent of kids between the ages of two and 11 will been diagnosed with cavities in their “baby teeth,” and 20 percent of kids between 6 and 11-years-old will be diagnosed with cavities in permanent teeth. Decay can lead to lifelong struggles with poor dental health. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help better protect your children from dental cavities. That said, if your kid is diagnosed with tooth decay, there are ways to help restore his or her comfort, quickly, so you can both get back to smiling, soon. (more…)

Why All Smiles Require Preventive Dental Care

You likely already know that it’s important to care for your own smile in order to prevent cavities and other dental issues, like gum disease. You may even be hyper vigilant about brushing and flossing your teeth, in addition to seeing the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. But as a new parent, you may not be aware of how much your kids need dental care, too. Even babies require preventive care, in order to protect their gums and any teeth that might be visible from dental health threats. So, if you want to help raise kids with healthy smiles, and the knowledge how they can preserve them as they grow, it’s important to understand the basics in any effective preventive dental care routine! (more…)

Don’t Miss Disney’s World Of Enchantment, On Ice!

The best and worst of winter may be behind us, now, but that doesn’t mean you and your kids can’t still have some icy good times. Disney On Ice will be at the American Airlines Center on March 16 through 19, 2017; it’s the kind of show you won’t want to miss. This year’s title is the World of Enchantment, and the show will feature many of your kids’ favorite Disney heroes, from recent films and timeless tales. (more…)

Are You Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month?

Did you and your kids have a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day? Perhaps Groundhog Day is your family’s favorite, or the Super Bowl is the main event, of note, in your home each February. As a parent, though, it can be helpful to know that February is also National Children’s Dental Health Month, a time dedicated to helping children learn about the importance of oral care and how they can best protect their smiles. This year’s initiative is particularly straightforward. Organizers are emphasizing the importance of drinking more water, and specifically the smile benefits that can come when kids – and their parents – pick good old tap water! (more…)

How Can You Help Your Kids Protect Their Smiles? Part Two

If you are determined to help your kids keep their smiles healthy, this year, you may have already taken some steps to protect those pearly whites. Brushing and flossing are important, for instance, because they help to remove plaque bacteria from the mouth. That said, there are other simple steps parents can take to keep those precious young smiles healthy. From what they eat to how often they see the dentist, here is what your pediatric dentist wants you to know about dental care for kids. (more…)

How Can You Help Your Kids Protect Their Smiles? Part One

Are you the mom who persistently makes sure her kids wear helmets when riding their bikes, and that insists they eat their vegetables, no matter how much they complain? If so, it is clear that you care about keeping your kids healthy and safe. What about their smiles, though? Have you taken steps to ensure they enjoy healthy teeth and gums? Preventive dental care is crucial for kids and adults, alike. Fortunately, dental care isn’t complicated. You just need to help your kids form some healthy habits, early in life, so they can enjoy years of great dental health! (more…)

Are Your Kids Looking to Have Fun? Are You Hoping They Can Learn, Too?

You’ve likely already heard lots of great things about The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, but if you and your kids haven’t yet visited, spring is a great time to check that item off your bucket list. The museum offers a wide variety of fun, learning-centered activities, meant to help get visitors excited about science, and to give them a better understanding of the world around them. Plus, during spring, there are a host of special activities being hosted specifically for kids! (more…)

Does Your Child Need Treatment for a Cavity?

Have you noticed your kid exhibiting strange eating habits, recently? For example, is your son who normally begs for second helpings of dessert, suddenly saying “No thanks” to anything remotely sweet? Does your daughter complain of sensitivity or pain when trying to take a sip of iced cold water or a bite from a popsicle? If so, these could be warning signs of dental cavities. Almost one third of the school-aged kids in America are likely to struggle with dental decay. If you suspect your child could be one of them, it’s time to talk to their restorative dentist about how restorative treatment, like dental fillings, could help! (more…)

Got Questions? Ask Your Pediatric Dentist: Part Two

As a parent, you probably already have your hands full juggling all that work and life throw your way. Does it seem like you barely have time to catch your breath, most days, much less to get ahead? When it comes to your own smile, you might already realize that a bit of preventive care goes a long way in protecting against dental problems that would subsequently require both time and money to address. Yet when it comes to your kids, are you unsure what dental care they really need? Your pediatric dentist can help answer those questions, so you can take the steps necessary to protect those precious smiles, and that can save you both time and money in the long run! (more…)

Got Questions? Ask Your Pediatric Dentist: Part One

Do you ever wonder when your baby’s teeth will begin appearing? Or how often your school-aged children actually need to visit the dentist? Many parents have questions, when it comes to their children’s dental care, yet they are either too embarrassed or too busy to ask them. It’s important to remember, though, that your kids’ pediatric dentist is there to support your whole family, in your efforts to help keep your smiles healthy. So if you do have questions about dental health, don’t be afraid to go straight to your family’s dentist for the answers you need along with the preventive advice you want. (more…)