The TRILLF3ST Arts And Music Festival

If your family loves the arts and music, you’ll want to make sure to come out for the TRILLF3ST Arts and Music Festival this weekend in Dallas. Then, if you want your child’s smile to be healthy and bright, you’ll want to make sure to visit your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda for a checkup and cleaning.



3 Ways a Tooth Filling Can Save Your Child’s Smile

The fact that tooth fillings save teeth that have developed cavities is well-known. In fact, most adults have at least one filling in their teeth, due to the fact that cavities affect a majority of them to some degree. However, you may wonder if a filling can do the same for your child’s smaller primary tooth, or if it’s even necessary given the fact that the tooth will fall out eventually anyway. Today, we explain why treating your child’s cavity with a tooth filling is vital to saving their smile, and three ways in which a biocompatible filling can do so. (more…)

What Dental Checkups for Children Typically Mean

As an adult, you should be familiar with what your typical dental checkup entails, but that doesn’t always mean that your child’s dental checkup will go the same way. While a lot about caring for children’s teeth and oral health is the same as caring for your own smile, the reason children need children’s dentists is because they also have several concerns that are unique to their age. Today, we explore what dental checkups typically mean for children, and how we can help improve your child’s oral health by offering further protective treatments or addressing a concern that’s already developed. (more…)

Does Your Child Need Emergency Dental Care?

Getting your child accustomed to visiting the dentist regularly was probably quite the challenge. Young children are often nervous or anxious about their visits until they get used to the environment. This is essential in making routine dental care an important part of their dental health. If a dental emergency occurs, that familiarity will also help us address the emergency and restore and preserve your child’s smile faster and more successfully.  Today, we examine a few things to remember if your child needs emergency dental care, including what specific types of situations are most frequently considered emergencies. (more…)

More Ways to Help Kids Avoid Tooth Decay

After teaching your child how to brush and floss their teeth every day, it can seem like the fate of their smiles is in their own hands now. That’s partly true, but several parts of your child’s oral health care are still solely your responsibility as a parent. For example, they still rely on you to take them to their routine dental checkups and cleanings, to provide foods and beverages that are healthier for their teeth, and to guide them in keeping their smiles healthy by preventing things like tooth decay. (more…)

The North Texas Comic Book Show Is This Weekend!

This weekend, you can spend your time having some exciting family fun at the North Texas Comic Book Show! Then, during the week, be sure to encourage your children to be super teeth brushers and flossers to keep cavities at bay, and don’t forget to schedule their six month appointments with your Dallas, TX, dentist at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda.


Questions You Might Have About Fluoride Treatment

Some things about children’s dentistry are exactly the same as adult dental health care. For example, both young and older smiles need routine preventive care to stay clean and healthy. Both can also be subject to cavities if that care isn’t consistent. However, even with consistent care, children sometimes need a helping hand in preventing things like cavity development. With treatments like fluoride, we can often provide that help without the need for additional dental treatment. (more…)

Why Do Kids Seem More Likely to Get Cavities?

A lot of people assume that children are more likely to get cavities in their teeth than adults are. In some ways, that’s true, but not for any reason involving children’s teeth, specifically. No matter how old the tooth is, a cavity develops the same way – when oral bacteria infect a tooth’s structure. Either the enamel has grown weak from attacks by acid, which oral bacteria produce, or the enamel is compromised from excessive tooth wear or damage. The thing is, protecting teeth from cavities takes some effort on your child’s part. That includes consistently good hygiene, regular preventive care, and if it’s necessary, additional preventive measures to better protect your child’s teeth. (more…)

Celebrate Dogs This Weekend At Pet Events

Whether you are a proud dog owner, a dog lover, or someone whose children have been begging them for a dog for a while now, you won’t be able to resist smiling at the sight of happy pups this weekend at one of the many dog-centered events being offered in our community of Dallas, TX. Then, keep your kids smiling by keeping their teeth healthy at their checkups and cleanings at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda.