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2 Things Your Parents Said That You’re Now Saying (That Are True)

You may occasionally catch yourself saying something to your child and you immediately think to yourself, “Oh my goodness, I sound like my mom!” or, “Yep, it’s finally happening, I’m turning into my dad.” This is one of those ever-relatable moments that other parents can connect with because lo and behold, you are a parent… Read more »

Christmas Traditions: Making Them Safer For Smiles

In addition to the fun of giving and receiving gifts and the absolute beauty that comes with this time of year, are there certain Christmas traditions that you have established with your kids? If the answer is yes, we ask: Do you think that any of them may potentially be cause for concern in regard… Read more »

When Your Child Needs Care: 2 Time Wasters To Avoid

We know that as a parent, you try to do what you can to fit everything that needs to get done into one day. As a result, you may find that you are often quite good at identifying “time savers” that help you squeeze a few extra minutes out of each day, so you can… Read more »

Smile Protection: How To Manage Sweets This Time Of Year

Is there any time of year when your kids aren’t feeling super interested in sweets? Not really. However, it is fair to say that as the colder weather and holidays begin to approach, we are faced with what feels like an enormous onslaught of all-things-sugary-all-the-time. What makes this the case, you ask yourself in reflection?… Read more »

Sonicare For Kids Toothbrush: Why It May Be A Powerful Choice!

Are you well aware that just about everything that you’ve ever used that might be referred to as an “appliance” is becoming much more advanced, Bluetooth capable, and offers features you never even conceived of? Just like you may be able to lock your car doors with your phone from work or turn on the… Read more »

Try Out Plaque HD For Even Cleaner Teeth!

You make sure your kids brush every day, twice a day, and you might even be really serious about timing those sessions. Of course, you make sure your kids floss, as well. While you cannot tell for sure, you assume this is removing most of the plaque from your little ones’ smiles, so you try… Read more »

Oral Health: Sneaky Tips For Preventing Dryness

Are you recognizing that with our cooler temps we have been enjoying, you’re also starting to notice serious dryness within your family? Perhaps you’ve been complaining about dry hands, while you notice your kiddo’s lips are on the verge of cracking. What’s going on, what you should you be doing differently, and should you see… Read more »

Ways Monitoring Your Child’s Oral Health Helps You, Too

When you’re putting a ton of focus on your child’s oral health, it can be easy to let your smile health take a backseat in order of importance. Of course, the best approach is to ensure the smile health of every member in your family is being taken into consideration. Wondering how to do this,… Read more »

Protect Those Little Smiles: Trick Or Treating Tips For Parents!

You already know all about the candies that can pose a potential problem for your kids’ smiles. If it’s super hard, it could crack teeth. If it’s very chewy, it will coat teeth and can dislodge braces. When it comes to selecting treats, rinsing and brushing teeth, and more, you are quickly becoming an expert!… Read more »

Why You Should Definitely Treat That Cavity Before Halloween!

Does your child have a cavity? Do you keep meaning to call us up to schedule your child’s beautiful white dental filling but you manage to forget about it or put it off because you have so many other things to do? While our Dallas, TX team can absolutely comprehend of a very busy schedule,… Read more »