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Helpful Reminders: Affordable Pediatric Dental Care

We know that when you have kiddos, it can feel like life is getting pretty expensive. As you head into different areas of care, you may find yourself freezing up, wondering if you’re looking at serious expenses or something that will work for your budget. Our Dallas, TX team understands! With that said, we’d love… Read more »

3 Things To Nip In The Bud ASAP: For Kids And Teens

Yes, we know, you could probably come up with a list as long as your arm every single day in terms of things your kiddos are starting to do that you think you might need to nip in the bud. However, sometimes you choose to back off, sometimes you need to become a super enforcer… Read more »

March Madness … And Your Family’s Smiles!

Are you quite as enthusiastic as our Dallas, TX practice is about March Madness? If the answer is yes, then just like us, you have painstakingly filled out your brackets and you are excitedly clearing your schedule to take in as many NCAA Tournament games as possible. If you’ve managed to get the whole family… Read more »

A Few Reminders: Parent Guilt, Social Media, And Your Child

In the ever-growing world that becomes more global on a daily basis and in which social media takes up much of our attention, it’s easy to become sidetracked by parent guilt! One second, you think you’re doing an amazing job and the next, you see a post on Instagram that makes you question every single… Read more »

Easy Ways To Make Dental Hygiene…Green!

It’s important to you that your children grow up with a strong understanding of sustainability and green practices. This is something that you have incorporated into your life and it extends into all facets of your daily experience! However, when it comes to your kiddos, you aren’t always entirely sure how to implement green practices,… Read more »

Spring Cleaning: Bathroom Fun With The Kids!

When spring is inching its way toward us, one of the things on your mind may be the fact that with the changing over of the seasons, there comes time for a nice, big organizational and cleansing ritual we know as spring cleaning! Depending on your particular outlook, this may or may not be your… Read more »

A Pre-Spring Reminder To Drink Lots Of Water!

The weather in our Dallas, TX community is still hovering around cold and chilly with the occasional warm days sprinkled in. Of course, it’s winter and spring is not here just yet but it will be before we know it! As a result, our team would like to offer a quick pre-spring reminder that is… Read more »

3 Flossing Reminders That Can Really Help!

When we mention the fact that we would like to review a few flossing reminders to make dental hygiene easier for you and your kiddos, this may sound like music to your ears. You know, of course, that your children need to floss (and that adults need to floss, too). You are already aware that… Read more »

Your Kiddos’ Grins: How To Avoid Frantic Feelings On Valentine’s Day

Yep, we know it: Valentine’s Day will be here shortly, which means just about everyone is going to be indulging their sweet tooths and going full-force into what you may only be able to think of as a sugary oblivion. When you have kids, of course, any feelings of being overwhelmed by this potential oral… Read more »

Our Practice: Reminding You Who Is Welcome

You are well aware when you read our practice name that we are a pediatric dental practice in Dallas, TX. However, that may not completely satisfy your need for an answer. You may wonder who is included when it comes to pediatric dental care. Will this allow you to bring your kids in, no matter… Read more »