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Traveling This Holiday? Write A Packing List.

It’s quite a feat to to make plans for holiday travel, to gather up the kids, to get in the car, on a plane, or otherwise, and to head toward a destination! The last thing you want is to show up wherever it is you’re headed only to realize you left behind dental hygiene items… Read more »

Your Child’s Smile: 2 Drink Dangers You’re Overlooking

As a parent, you have become the responsible party for disappointing your children with word “no” when they want something that isn’t good for them. You have also become a master at alternatives that will usually keep your kids happy and satisfy you with the sense that you’re protecting them. When it comes to the… Read more »

Smile-Friendly Fall Favorites: Fun With Orange!

It’s always worth discussing the colorful, natural foods out there that can help protect your child’s smile. As you know, kids are quite fond of colorful foods, holiday themes, and anything that tends to make eating fun. If you’re feeling out of ideas and a little overwhelmed by the influx of candy and confections this… Read more »

Check Your Child’s Insurance Benefits

We are very well aware of the fact that as the temperatures are dropping in our area, you are likely getting quite focused on your child’s wish list for the upcoming holidays, class projects that need finishing, on your own plans for the end of the year … need we say more? Of course, in… Read more »

How To Get Your Kids To Drink More Water!

Worried that your kids aren’t drinking enough water? Wondering what you can do about this, since handing a glass of water to your child never garners the same kind of awe and attention as when you hand over a milkshake or glass of juice? The good news is that you’re right about H20! It’s very… Read more »

Why Watch For Hard Brushing?

Are you surprised when we mention to you that it’s very important to monitor your children’s brushing sessions in part to ensure they are not brushing too hard? Did you assume that a lot of pressure and force was a good thing? If so, we would love to explore this topic with you. Learning all… Read more »

Make Smile Plans For Winter Break

We know that you see the winter holiday items lining the shelves of stores that you frequent and you think to yourself, “It isn’t even Halloween yet!” With so much to do and plan, it’s easier to simply pretend for a while that December is far, far away and that you just don’t need to… Read more »

Make Halloween Month Yummy (And Safe)

You’re going to be hearing an awful lot about Halloween from your kids throughout all of October because, well, it’s not until the very last day of the month! Of course, they’re also counting down the days until they get to have people simply hand over candy to them just because they exist and look… Read more »

Halloween Time: 3 Things To Watch For

The extraordinarily fun, kid-friendly, not-so-friendly-for-your-smile holiday we all love to celebrate during October is just around the bend! Yep. Before you know it, you’ll be helping your children put the finishing touches on their costumes and you’ll be reminding them about their manners when they go house-to-house for candy! While you may feel prepared regarding… Read more »

Hello, Cold And Flu Season! Goodbye, Worries!

Yes, when cold and flu season arrives, your carefree feeling that comes with summer quickly flies out the window. Suddenly, kids are back in school, their friends begin rubbing their noses, you prepare to unearth sweaters and jackets from the depths of closets, and then you hear it: The first murmurs about flu shots, washing… Read more »