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Keeping Parents Smiling Throughout Fall!

More information about fall, you ask yourself? How could one season elicit so much information? Well, when you look at temps that are ready to dip after a long, hot summer in Dallas, TX, there’s a lot to consider. This is particularly true as our real fall often begins later than the very first day… Read more »

New Smile Changes: Could It Be Fall Allergies?

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s quite a lot more to consider in terms of what the autumn season can mean for your child’s smile and oral health than you may have realized! The good news is that once you learn all of these particulars, they are details you will remember fall season after fall… Read more »

Autumn: Lip Care Changes To Implement Right Now

Technically, it’s autumn at the moment. However, in Dallas, TX, it feels like summer is still hanging around and not too interested in saying goodbye. With that said, our team reminds you of something you know all too well: The temperature drop will suddenly happen and with the colder weather, you may immediately find your… Read more »

Plan Out Your Halloween Night: It’s So Worth It! 

Yes, we know that before you had kids, you could just roll with Halloween night, as you took everything moment by moment! Head to a party? Leave for another? Stay out until 1am? No problem. However, you probably know very well by now that as a parent, a footloose and fancy free approach to things… Read more »

Juice! It’s Yummy But Don’t Overlook The Reality. 

Yes, your kids love juice. You may even love juice! You might enjoy the stuff that has added sugar some of the time. Or, you may avoid it at all costs. You may even make your own at home. No matter the type you and your kiddos like, our Dallas, TX team wants you to… Read more »

A Few Changes That Require A Dental Visit

There are some changes that might occur with your child’s smile or dental hygiene routine that aren’t really cause for concern. Things like your child’s first loose tooth, a sudden preference of one particular toothpaste flavor over another, and other shifts are just a natural part of being a kid! However, there are other changes… Read more »

How Good Chewing Manners Promote Oral Health!

Of course, you would love for your children to be the picture of mealtime etiquette! With that said, while guiding your childredn toward good chewing manners (and table manners) in general is certainly a polite thing to do, remember that it’s often also very beneficial for their oral health! To help you feel even more… Read more »

I Can’t Stop Worrying About My Child’s Smile! 

It’s completely understandable. You’ve watched your child grow and develop and you’ve been monitoring those lovely teeth since the very first one arrived! If you tend to be someone who is prone to worry, then worrying about your child’s smile is not out of the ordinary. However, it’s probably exhausting and you are likely well… Read more »

Smile Protection: Things You Shouldn’t Encourage

Of course, there are the obvious things you should absolutely encourage in terms of your child’s smile health! Keeping a scheduled routine for dental hygiene is wonderful, encouraging kids to participate in selecting dental care products for themselves is a good thing, and promoting the decision to eat good-for-your-teeth snacks and meals is smart! With… Read more »

Answers About Calcium, When Dairy Is Off The Table

Calcium. You know that you need it and you know your children need it, too. However, when your lifestyle doesn’t include dairy, you may find yourself wondering if you’re going to be able to provide your child with the nutrition necessary for optimal oral health (and how). Maybe your child is lactose intolerant or has… Read more »