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Is Your Child Ready To Brush Their Teeth Without Help?

Children become less dependent on their parents for help as they age, but it can be tough to know when they are ready for a particular task. Allowing them to start brushing and flossing on their own before they are ready can raise their risk for oral health problems. Without the dexterity to fully clean… Read more »

3 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Teeth Brushing Technique

The good thing about good dental hygiene is that, for the most part, it’s simple to stick to. This can make teaching children to care for their teeth properly seem easier than expected, if not exactly easy. However, there’s a lot more nuance to it than just showing children the mechanics and expecting them to… Read more »

How to Make Dental Hygiene Easier for Your Child

Sometimes, teaching your child to take care of their teeth properly takes more than just showing them the motions and expecting them to repeat them. If they aren’t at least a little excited about brushing and flossing their teeth, they aren’t likely to do it right when left to their own devices. Fortunately, making such… Read more »

Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes to Look Out For

Teaching your child to take good care of their teeth is as much about teaching what not to do as much as what they should do. For example, brushing and flossing their teeth is a good thing, but rushing through the process or scrubbing their teeth too roughly might lead to greater oral health risks…. Read more »

Should Your Child’s Toothpaste Have Fluoride?

The most important thing you can do to protect your teeth at any age is brush and floss them at least twice a day. However, for children’s teeth especially, simply brushing and flossing away plaque and tartar isn’t always enough. To help boost the quality of your child’s dental hygiene routine and offer their healthy… Read more »

Helping Kids Enjoy Better Oral Health From Home

Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and your community from the spread of COVID-19. Which means for the moment, we cannot offer routine preventive treatments, such as checkups and dental cleanings. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist is looking what you can do to help your kids enjoy better oral… Read more »

Good Hygiene and Flu Prevention Tips

As a family dental practice, the principles of good hygiene are always an important focus, both for ourselves and our patients. During the flu season and the current risks of spreading illness, it’s especially important to remember and stick to good hygiene and preventive practices. Today, we re-examine some of the most important good hygiene… Read more »

Healthy Teeth Brushing Tips

One of the first hygiene practices that parents teach to kids is how to brush their teeth- and with good reasoning! A child’s dental health is incredibly important, as it can not only affect their smiles, but their overall health, as well. At Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda, we recognize the importance of allowing… Read more »

What Are You Teaching Your Child About Dental Hygiene?

There’s a lot that you want your child to know about caring for their teeth, especially how to avoid any mistakes you may have made throughout the years (such as neglecting good hygiene). However, it isn’t just what you tell your child that matters. For instance, no matter how much you tell them to brush… Read more »

Your Pediatric Dentist Talks About Cold Season

  It’s hard enough to be sick with a cold yourself. Watching a little one cough and sneeze can be even more heart-wrenching. Good hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes and getting enough sleep help keep us all healthy. Sometimes the cold and flu season hits close to home, despite out best efforts. Your Dallas,… Read more »