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Your Pediatric Dentist Talks About Cold Season

  It’s hard enough to be sick with a cold yourself. Watching a little one cough and sneeze can be even more heart-wrenching. Good hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes and getting enough sleep help keep us all healthy. Sometimes the cold and flu season hits close to home, despite out best efforts. Your Dallas,… Read more »

Reminders For A Very Enjoyable (Smile Safe) Turkey Day! 

Whether you call it Turkey Day or Thanksgiving, it’s nearly here and it’s definitely a departure from the usual meals you consume on a daily basis! It’s a lovely way to enter the winter holiday season, as it’s full of exceptionally yummy fare that’s nostalgic and truly cozy. While this is probably something you love… Read more »

Don’t Forget About Less Obvious Dental Floss Details! 

You likely already know the obvious details associated with dental floss and your child’s smile care habits at home (yours, too, of course). When we’re talking about the twice-a-day preventive sessions you’re holding in your bathroom, you know without doubt that one of them needs to include flossing and that it’s something in which the… Read more »

Toothbrush Choices: Keeping Smiles Bright And Healthy! 

You brush your teeth and ensure that your children brush their teeth, in part, because our Dallas, TX team tells you that you should. You also do it because you know it’s for the protection of your family’s oral health. While you probably have most of the details pretty well figured out at this point,… Read more »

National Brush Day: What It Is And How To Celebrate! 

The last thing on your mind right now is probably any other holiday other than Halloween! There are treats to purchase, costumes that need finishing, parties to consider, school activities to schedule and more! We get it. We also know that one of the main things on your mind, considering all of this Halloween business,… Read more »

Helping You And Your Kiddo Floss With Ease!

Remember that flossing, of course, is something that you and your child should be doing every single day in order to maintain your best oral health. With that said, you may find yourself feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place when this part of dental hygiene isn’t going so well. You could just… Read more »

Dental Care First, Then Sleep: Why It’s So Important! 

You may wonder: Why are we so enthusiast about reminding you to have your children practice their dental hygiene before they snooze for the night? Can’t you just wake them up, have them brush (and floss) and then get back into bed, you wonder? While this is an option, it frequently presents a variety of… Read more »

Are Your Kids Overdoing It On The Toothpaste?

You may not realize that the amount of toothpaste your kids put on their brushes before they brush is actually very significant! Too little, of course, could mean ineffective cleansing. However, the greater concern is usually the overuse of toothpaste. Sure, it follows reason that if you want your teeth cleaner and your oral health… Read more »

Your Dental Hygiene Checklist: A Through F!

You brush and floss every day! Your kids do, too. One of the results of this necessary part of your daily life for a healthy smile is the fact that you have to shop for the dental hygiene products everyone needs in order to complete a job well done, each and every time you follow… Read more »

Easy Ways To Make Dental Hygiene…Green!

It’s important to you that your children grow up with a strong understanding of sustainability and green practices. This is something that you have incorporated into your life and it extends into all facets of your daily experience! However, when it comes to your kiddos, you aren’t always entirely sure how to implement green practices,… Read more »