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Think Of Dental Checkups As Check-Ins!

We know that while your child may feel perfectly wonderful about dental checkups if you’ve been using a very positive approach, that doesn’t mean you actually feel like everything’s perfectly wonderful when your child’s visit is coming up. Instead, if you’re a parent who experiencing any type of anxiety about your child’s wellbeing (so, just… Read more »

Your Child’s Smile: Take Just A Moment To Feel Grateful!

It’s not always easy keeping up with every last detail that your child needs, not to mention adding on considering your little one’s wants! So, when the day is through, your brain may tend to focus primarily on things that need fixing, concerns, your to-do list, and that can make just about anything (including your… Read more »

Helping You Recognize What We’re Checking Up On During Checkups

Part of you may shrug your shoulders and think, “Okay, I guess we’ll go in for a dental checkup but I’m not really sure why it’s time for another one!” We understand. You’re busy. Your child’s smile looks fine. Nobody is complaining. So, why do you have to come in for a children’s dental exam… Read more »

Prevention For Little Ones: It Yields Wonderful Things In The Future

There may be a part of you that occasionally wonders if the effort it takes to go through preventive dental care at home with your little ones, twice a day, every single day (in addition to professional visits to our Dallas, TX practice) are actually that impactful. Can’t you just wait a while, you ask,… Read more »

Scheduling Dental Checkups: Easy Ways To Remember

It’s not that you don’t care about scheduling dental checkups for your kids or that you even feel hesitant. It’s just that you have billions of things going on every day and like a bunch of other details, checkups are sometimes something that go unnoticed for a while. Not to worry, we completely understand! Our… Read more »

All You Need: Just Set Up An Appointment!

We know that when you’re caring for your kids, you can feel a little (or a lot) on edge about every last thing you do for them. When you transfer their care into the hands of someone else, such as our Dallas, TX dental practice, you may find that just the thought causes you some… Read more »

3 Words Beginning With “S” That Are Leading To Erosion

You might not worry too much about tooth erosion. You may figure this is something that adults should worry about but that it’s not really a concern for a child. Or, this may be an issue that’s off of your radar completely! What we’d like to remind you is that it’s a problem that can… Read more »

Summer Smile Safety Suggestion: Schedule Sealants!

Spring seems like it just began but before you know it, summer will be here and you’ll have all of that lovely summer vacation time to get stuff done. Just in case the list you’ve been making for “things I need to accomplish while the kids are on break from school” doesn’t include dental sealants… Read more »

We’re Here For Your Kids When…

You may love knowing that you have found a pediatric dental practice that promises complete care for little ones (and your teens, too). However, that doesn’t mean you can quickly rattle off the different ways we are here for your children when they need dental care. As a result, you may even overlook some services… Read more »

Easter Candy: Steer Clear Of Certain Sweets

Yes, it’s normal for your kids to get excited about sugary treats on Easter. After all, there’s quite an abundance, so if you’re on board with indulging, we understand. However, we also know that you might not be quite as educated on the different types of candies out there and which happen to be much… Read more »