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3 Words Beginning With “S” That Are Leading To Erosion

You might not worry too much about tooth erosion. You may figure this is something that adults should worry about but that it’s not really a concern for a child. Or, this may be an issue that’s off of your radar completely! What we’d like to remind you is that it’s a problem that can… Read more »

Summer Smile Safety Suggestion: Schedule Sealants!

Spring seems like it just began but before you know it, summer will be here and you’ll have all of that lovely summer vacation time to get stuff done. Just in case the list you’ve been making for “things I need to accomplish while the kids are on break from school” doesn’t include dental sealants… Read more »

We’re Here For Your Kids When…

You may love knowing that you have found a pediatric dental practice that promises complete care for little ones (and your teens, too). However, that doesn’t mean you can quickly rattle off the different ways we are here for your children when they need dental care. As a result, you may even overlook some services… Read more »

Easter Candy: Steer Clear Of Certain Sweets

Yes, it’s normal for your kids to get excited about sugary treats on Easter. After all, there’s quite an abundance, so if you’re on board with indulging, we understand. However, we also know that you might not be quite as educated on the different types of candies out there and which happen to be much… Read more »

Is Your Child Having Trouble Chewing?

Have you noticed that your child seems to be having some chewing problems while eating? If you cannot quite put your finger on the reason, it can cause you some serious distress. After all, enjoying snacks and meals should be enjoyable, not fraught with frustration. To get started, we encourage you to consider some common… Read more »

Why Cavity Free Is Best

You may have moments during which you wonder to yourself why it’s so important to put so much effort into preventive care. After all, dental fillings are there to pick up the slack when all doesn’t go according to plan and your child ends up with a cavity. While we certainly have only wonderful things… Read more »

Fun Ways To Introduce The Dental Topic

Want to drop little hints to your kiddos about dental care but you know if you sit down and lecture them, it will fall on deaf ears? There are certainly some much easier ways to introduce the topic without making dental hygiene and oral health care seem like a chore list. Additionally exciting is the… Read more »

Your Child’s Dental Care: The Speech Connection

It’s easy to forget about just how far-reaching the benefits of dental care can become for your child. If you were having even the slightest doubt about the worthwhileness of the effort you’ve been putting forth for your child’s preventive care, then we encourage you to think again! Your decision to protect that developing smile… Read more »

Plan, Track, And Schedule Smile Care!

Do you have everything down to a science when it comes to your child’s smile care? How about your own? When you’re trying to run a tight ship but you discover that you sometimes drop the ball regarding all things related to smile health (and there are a lot of details to consider), it’s always… Read more »

Kids’ Smile Tips: All Things Gift Wrap

If you’re lucky, though it might take a bit longer than if you were breezing along on your own, your kids love to help you wrap presents! Of course, they also love unwrapping them, too. While this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season, it can also turn a little dangerous… Read more »