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Your Kids’ Smiles: Things That Don’t Need To Embarrass You

You might find yourself feeling the pangs of embarrassment as you scoop your kiddo up for a visit to our practice. We know, of course, that from your perspective, it’s you as the parent as you guide your child through smile care and everything else! You’re not experiencing parenting as a collective group with all… Read more »

Your Dental Hygiene Checklist: A Through F!

You brush and floss every day! Your kids do, too. One of the results of this necessary part of your daily life for a healthy smile is the fact that you have to shop for the dental hygiene products everyone needs in order to complete a job well done, each and every time you follow… Read more »

When Your Child Is Worried About Fillings

While you may not love learning that your child needs a dental filling, you understand the reasoning, you know that it will solve a problem, you are aware the results will look just lovely, and you have probably had one before (so you are not afraid of them). However, when your child learns it’s time… Read more »

Helpful Reminders: Affordable Pediatric Dental Care

We know that when you have kiddos, it can feel like life is getting pretty expensive. As you head into different areas of care, you may find yourself freezing up, wondering if you’re looking at serious expenses or something that will work for your budget. Our Dallas, TX team understands! With that said, we’d love… Read more »

3 Things You Don’t Actually Have To Panic Over

There are some things that can cause you to panic in terms of your child’s oral health. Of course, especially when you’re dealing with wee ones (especially your first baby), any major change or symptom can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, the more you learn about, the greater your mental catalog of things that don’t require your… Read more »

March Madness … And Your Family’s Smiles!

Are you quite as enthusiastic as our Dallas, TX practice is about March Madness? If the answer is yes, then just like us, you have painstakingly filled out your brackets and you are excitedly clearing your schedule to take in as many NCAA Tournament games as possible. If you’ve managed to get the whole family… Read more »

Pre-Summer Suggestions For You!

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, sorted, and planned along with spring’s arrival, our Dallas, TX team comes along with early reminders for summer! Not to worry, these aren’t pressing matters to take action on immediately. Instead, we simply like to offer up some gentle alerts ahead of time, so as… Read more »

A Few Reminders: Parent Guilt, Social Media, And Your Child

In the ever-growing world that becomes more global on a daily basis and in which social media takes up much of our attention, it’s easy to become sidetracked by parent guilt! One second, you think you’re doing an amazing job and the next, you see a post on Instagram that makes you question every single… Read more »

3 Cavity Reminders You’ll Want To Remember

You don’t love thinking about cavities when it comes to your kiddos but you know that tooth decay is always a possibility. Some parents feel extremely stressed out at the thought of the development of even one cavity, while others wonder if they should be more worried. Of course, our Dallas, TX team encourages you… Read more »

Emergency Dental Care: Important Answers To FAQs

One second everything is fine and the next, your child is experiencing a serious smile concern. It could be something you cannot really see but your child’s tears are enough to tell you something is wrong. Or, it could be a broken or dislodged tooth, swelling, etc. So, as a parent, how do you know… Read more »