Put Your Dental Benefits To Use

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Do you carry dental insurance on your children? If so, then you may still have benefits you’ve haven’t used yet, and unless you do, these will simply vanish at midnight on December 31st. Instead of losing the benefits you paid for, why not put them to good use with a visit to your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist for a checkup and cleaning?

Use Them Before You Lose Them

When you have dental insurance, you pay for benefits to help you and your children enjoy optimal oral health. In addition, if you carry a health savings account, then you will accrue benefits that can be used for dental insurance as well. Unless used by the end of December, these benefits will expire! We want to help your children end 2021 with as stronger smile, and our office staff can help you navigate your benefits to understand what is covered and what you will need to pay for on your end, so we can craft a treatment plan that works with your budget and your schedule, so your little ones receive care, you use your earned benefits, all before the hectic holiday season is underway!

Scheduling a Checkup and Cleaning Visit

To get started, contact our team to talk about your coverage and to schedule a checkup and cleaning visit for your child. A checkup is a chance for our team to employ digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to create a comfortable and accurate diagnosis, understand the current state of your little one’s smile. This is key to planning treatment with accuracy and precision. In the same visit, we will also discuss a dental cleaning to help remove all plaque and tartar, limiting the risk of bad breath, stained teeth, cavities, and even gingivitis. Kids should attend these visits every six months, so we can monitor the smile as it grows and changes, and address possible problems in the earliest stages!

Possible Treatment Options

We could discuss preventive treatments like fluoride varnish and dental slats to help safeguard smiles against cavities, and we could also offer lifelike fillings to treat cavities. For injuries or more severe cases of decay or infection, we have dental crowns and could perform a pulpotomy to remove infected tissues. Extraction for baby teeth that haven’t fallen out is possible too. We have dental lasers to offer treatment with precision and accuracy, and also sedation dentistry to further ensure the comfort of our patients. Finally, we have emergency care too!

Talk to Your Dallas, TX Dentist’s Office About Scheduling a Visit

Now is a great time to help your child start 2022 with his or her best smile. To start your child’s path to better oral health, then contact your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist, Dr. Marr, by calling (214) 321-4880. We look forward to seeing you and your family, and helping your kids enjoy better oral health.


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