You want to help your child avoid serious dental complications, while enjoying a sense of confidence regarding his or her smile. When tooth decay occurs, choosing a dental filling to restore the health, structure, and beauty of your child’s tooth is essential. Like most oral diseases, tooth decay is progressive, which means your child’s cavity will continue to worsen without treatment. However, with a custom, pediatric dental filling, we may protect your son or daughter’s smile from developing more complex concerns requiring equally complex restorative treatments. Schedule a visit with us at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda today, so we may protect your child’s developing smile.

Pediatric Fillings

We will begin every treatment by explaining the steps to your child. In addition to numbing the target tooth and surrounding tissues for comfortable treatment, we may also offer oral sedation or IV sedation for a truly tranquil procedure. Dr. Marr will then carefully and thoroughly remove the decayed tissue and debris from the cavity. We will then fill the tooth with the composite, which we will color-match to the surrounding tooth for a beautiful finish. This will prevent anyone – including your child – from being able to visually detect that the tooth ever suffered from decay.

About Composite Fillings

We offer beautiful tooth-colored fillings to address your child’s tooth decay. Rather than use amalgam, we rely on the use of a synthetic acrylic-resin material called composite for its many benefits, including the following:

  • Composite bonds directly to tooth tissue for long-term wear and a reduced chances of leakage
  • It is a weak thermal conductor, which means your child will not experience temperature-related sensitivity, which often occurs with metal fillings
  • Composite is free of mercury and completely safe for most patients, including children
  • Composite does not require as much room as amalgam, allowing us to preserve a greater amount of your child’s tooth tissue during the dental filling

Benefits of Fillings

Placing a dental filling will stop your child’s tooth decay from progressing, which may in turn provide the following benefits:

  • Cavity-related discomfort will go away
  • The structure of your child’s tooth will be restored, reducing the potential for breakage
  • Stopping decay in its tracks prevents severe decay or infection, which may call for root canal treatment and a dental crown

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Appointment

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