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Things To Help Your Kids With During Brushing

When you’re still sitting in on brushing sessions with your children, you get to see how they’re doing! It’s always thrilling to watch on as they develop better and better skills. Along the way, though, you may notice a little issue or two, for which we suggest you offer kind reminders. Remember, it’s not just… Read more »

3 Flossing Reminders That Can Really Help!

When we mention the fact that we would like to review a few flossing reminders to make dental hygiene easier for you and your kiddos, this may sound like music to your ears. You know, of course, that your children need to floss (and that adults need to floss, too). You are already aware that… Read more »

3 Reasons To Get Serious About Gingivitis

You have heard us talk with you about gingivitis before, how to prevent it, and the fact that gum disease can damage your child’s oral health. For a quick review, our Dallas, TX team explains that this is the first step of periodontal disease that includes inflammation. Can it be prevented, you ask? Of course!… Read more »

Brushing That’s Too “Something” For Good Oral Health

You may think that there’s only brushing or a lack of brushing. If your child is brushing and is doing so twice a day as directed, then this is “good.” If your child isn’t brushing twice daily, then this is “bad.” While these statements are true, there’s more that goes into ensuring the brushing part… Read more »

Transforming Dental Hygiene Into Holiday Fun Time!

Who ever said that dental hygiene has to be a stuffy, straight-forward, boring experience? Not our Dallas, TX team, that’s for sure! While you’re focusing on infusing your daily life with as much holiday magic as you can, why not spread some of that joy over into the dental care part of your day-to-day experience?… Read more »

Help! My Child Is Gagging During Brushing Sessions!

Of course, when your child doesn’t want to brush and floss, you have a very particular type of challenge on your hands. However, when your child is willing but you watch on as your little one tries to brush but always ends up gagging, you can quickly find that you aren’t sure how to respond… Read more »

Smile Health: Things To Remember About Your Kiddos

Our Dallas, TX team knows that what you really, really want is for your kids’ smiles to be healthy now and in the future. You want this to happen not only through your own efforts but also through your children’s amazing ability to learn how to brush, floss, and to schedule their own care when… Read more »

Sonicare For Kids Toothbrush: Why It May Be A Powerful Choice!

Are you well aware that just about everything that you’ve ever used that might be referred to as an “appliance” is becoming much more advanced, Bluetooth capable, and offers features you never even conceived of? Just like you may be able to lock your car doors with your phone from work or turn on the… Read more »

Family Hand Washing: 3 Reasons To Start Now!

You have probably heard us mention before that it’s a good idea to wash your hands before you brush and floss your smile. You have probably thought about this before, though it doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily put it into practice. While this is certainly a wise decision any time of year (and all year long),… Read more »

2 Things To Consider As Halloween Approaches

You’ve probably been noticing it for much longer than you care to think about: Halloween candy has been lining the shelves of your local grocery store for weeks now and we’ve only just made our way into September! As an adult, of course, you can simply ignore the holiday aisle full of sugary delights. However,… Read more »