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Smile Health: Things To Remember About Your Kiddos

Our Dallas, TX team knows that what you really, really want is for your kids’ smiles to be healthy now and in the future. You want this to happen not only through your own efforts but also through your children’s amazing ability to learn how to brush, floss, and to schedule their own care when… Read more »

Sonicare For Kids Toothbrush: Why It May Be A Powerful Choice!

Are you well aware that just about everything that you’ve ever used that might be referred to as an “appliance” is becoming much more advanced, Bluetooth capable, and offers features you never even conceived of? Just like you may be able to lock your car doors with your phone from work or turn on the… Read more »

Family Hand Washing: 3 Reasons To Start Now!

You have probably heard us mention before that it’s a good idea to wash your hands before you brush and floss your smile. You have probably thought about this before, though it doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily put it into practice. While this is certainly a wise decision any time of year (and all year long),… Read more »

2 Things To Consider As Halloween Approaches

You’ve probably been noticing it for much longer than you care to think about: Halloween candy has been lining the shelves of your local grocery store for weeks now and we’ve only just made our way into September! As an adult, of course, you can simply ignore the holiday aisle full of sugary delights. However,… Read more »

Making Brushing And Flossing Time Less Traumatic!

You’re likely well aware that you’re not the only parent out there who has experienced at least one dental hygiene session that you can only describe as traumatic. Sometimes, emotions run high during a single session and you wish brushing and flossing could be an easier experience. In other cases, you notice the problem continues… Read more »

Your “I Don’t Know What To Do!” Moments

There are oh so many, “I have no idea what to do!” moments that come about when you have a child. Sometimes, you can wing it! Other times, such as with dental emergencies and otherwise, you may find yourself in a bit of a panic. You want to make wonderful choices for everything from dental… Read more »

Things To Remember When Caring For Your Baby’s Oral Health

You can take steps to provide oral care for your baby before their first tooth even arrives. Gently cleaning their gums with a soft, wet washcloth or piece of gauze will protect them against the formation of bacteria. When your baby’s teeth start to arrive, you will take a careful, caring approach to protecting them… Read more »

Your Child’s Swollen Gums: What To Think?

What do you notice when you look at your child’s oh-so-cute grin? If it’s not the world’s cutest smile you’re noticing but instead, you’re seeing swollen gums, then you might experience a sudden knot in your stomach. “Oh no,” you may think to yourself, “this doesn’t look good.” Here’s all of the good news you… Read more »

Smile Changes And Care: Now What?

As long as your children’s smiles remain the same, you can rely on the fact that you know how to provide dental care for them. You know what they should be doing in front of their bathroom sinks, so you can watch them, clean your teeth with them, or simply check in on their habits… Read more »

Let’s Talk: Toothbrushing Apps!

As you have probably already discovered, when you announce to your kids, “Time to brush your teeth!” it doesn’t always go over so well. Or, you receive a somewhat neutral if not cold reception. What you’d love, of course, is to hear your kids clapping with glee. This seems unlikely. That is, until you become… Read more »