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Smile Changes And Care: Now What?

As long as your children’s smiles remain the same, you can rely on the fact that you know how to provide dental care for them. You know what they should be doing in front of their bathroom sinks, so you can watch them, clean your teeth with them, or simply check in on their habits… Read more »

Let’s Talk: Toothbrushing Apps!

As you have probably already discovered, when you announce to your kids, “Time to brush your teeth!” it doesn’t always go over so well. Or, you receive a somewhat neutral if not cold reception. What you’d love, of course, is to hear your kids clapping with glee. This seems unlikely. That is, until you become… Read more »

Smile Time: Is Sharing Always Caring?

Yes, it’s a very wise thing to teach your children to share! You want them to grow up to be kind and giving human beings, after all. However, this can become just a tad bit confusing in relation to oral health. You want your children to learn that “sharing is caring” but you don’t want… Read more »

Breath: Let’s Talk About It

It’s very easy to assume that if your child’s breath isn’t friendly and approachable, your little one (or teen) may not be brushing and flossing. This is absolutely a possibility! However, it’s not the only possible reason for unpleasant breath. So, what to do about bad breath when it ends up on the scene? Try… Read more »

Protecting Baby Teeth: 3 Things To Avoid

You may already know that even though baby teeth will eventually be shed and permanent teeth will replace them, they serve as preliminary guides for those future teeth. While you are aware that consistent dental hygiene and visits are essential in your efforts toward protecting primary teeth, there are some possible hazards you might overlook. Let… Read more »

Kids’ Flossing Is Only As Good As Their Parents’ Habits

What would you say if we asked if you’re a master flosser? If you could say that you certainly floss every day like you’re supposed to but you’re not so sure about how good you are at flossing, then we remind you of one important detail: Your kids’ dental hygiene is only going to be… Read more »

Spring Cleaning With 3 Meanings

One of the major benefits of spring is that, whether you’re feeling like it or not, it spurs us all on to participate in a little spring cleaning! The scary accumulation of odds and ends, dust, grime, and more are swept and scrubbed away with a little extra elbow grease, leaving everything sparkling and fresh…. Read more »

Children’s Smile Health: Simple, Important Habits To Consider

There are some very simple habits to think about that can have a strong impact on your child’s smile health. When you make good decisions along the way, you guide your little one’s oral health in a direction toward lifelong success. So, how to pick up on these details? For starters, see us for your… Read more »

Why Flossing Is So Important For Kids

You may find the process of teaching kids to floss and then following through on daily flossing to be a bit of a challenge! You may feel even more torn regarding this facet of dental care at home if you’re an adult who isn’t always consistent with your flossing habits. The good news here is… Read more »

Resolutions For Parents And Teens

Your little ones won’t necessarily be chomping at the bit to come up with New Year’s resolutions for their smiles! However, you and your teens can certainly sit down and talk over the things you think might make an impact on your oral health, as well as anything else that happens to fit the topic…. Read more »