How Less Sugar Helps Little Smiles

The items we eat and drink can have a major effect on the health of your child’s smile. As we will explain, too much sugar and starch could mean a higher risk of complications like tooth decay, infections, gingivitis, and even stained teeth and bad breath. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist will explain how to protect little smiles with a better diet.

The Dangers of Sugar and Starch

When people of any age consume items high in sugar and starch, or consumes beverages with a lot of sugary or highly acidic content, this leaves behind particles on or between the teeth. Oral bacteria will then break down these bits of sugar and starch, in the process not only elevating oral acidity, but coating the teeth in plaque. The buildup can’t be removed with brushing and flossing alone, and can begin to weaken and erode outer enamel to cause cavities and even dental infection. Older children could also be at risk of developing gingivitis. One major way to help your kids, especially those at a young age, is to make sure they never go to sleep with a bottle or sippy cup of milk or juice, as the particles clinging to the teeth could lead to cavities. In fact, cavities in babies, known as baby bottle tooth decay, is quite common.

Healthy Snack Options

First, try to encourage healthy snack choices of your children, such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grain items, nuts, or calcium rich dairy products, like cheeses or low-fat yogurts. Make sure you they drink plenty of water, and try to avoid sodas, energy drinks, and sports drinks when possible, as all three have been linked to cavities.

Removing Stray Food Particles

You also need to take steps to remove these stray food particles and reduce plaque buildup until we can remove plaque buildup with a dental cleaning. Be sure your children have their teeth cleaned in the morning and at night. For babies, this could mean cleaning the teeth with a washcloth, for toddlers and older, brushing with an age-appropriate toothbrush and a rice-sized bit of fluoride toothpaste is recommended. Flossing is also very important as soon as teeth begin to sit side-by-side in the mouth. If you have any questions about protecting children from cavities, or about healthy snack and meal habits, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Children’s Dental Care?

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