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Smile Care Before Bed: 3 Things To Remember

Ah, yes. That luxurious (and sometimes challenging) period of time we know as “getting ready for bed.” Everyone put their pajamas on and it’s time to head into the bathroom, brush teeth, and then get cozy in bed for the night. If you’re getting through this experience with smiling faces and a ton of cooperation,… Read more »

3 Ways To Add Music To Kids’ Dental Hygiene Time

Just like you can go from a sour mood to a very happy one by turning on your favorite tunes, so too can your children begin smiling when they hear music that makes them happy. With this in mind, we encourage you to remember that adding music into your little ones’ dental hygiene time is… Read more »

Why Teaching Kids Hygiene Is Important

How often do you brush your teeth? If you answered at least twice a day (and we hope you did), then you are on the right track. However, do you know why brushing and flossing is integral to maintaining healthy teeth? Understanding the importance of a good dental hygiene routine is an important aspect of… Read more »

What Snacks Are Best for Your Kids’ Smiles?

Want to help your kids stay healthy this year? If so, you may have already taken several steps to better protect their bodies and their smiles. Good dental hygiene is essential for oral health, of course. Yet if your kids are regularly consuming too much sugar, they are still likely to struggle with dental decay…. Read more »

Can I Help My Kids Prevent Cavities?

As a parent, it’s your job to help protect your kids, and to teach them the skills they’ll need to grow up healthy, and hopefully happy, as well. That said, some parts of your job are likely a lot easier than others. What kid doesn’t love going to the park for some exercise, or being… Read more »

Healthy Snack Ideas In Honor of National Nutrition Month!

Kids may not always want to eat their veggies, particularly if they’re not deep fried or nearly drowning in salt or sugar. Still, there are many compelling reasons to help your kids develop healthy eating habits, one of which is their smiles. A healthy diet helps to give your kids the fuel they need to… Read more »