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Why Watch For Hard Brushing?

Are you surprised when we mention to you that it’s very important to monitor your children’s brushing sessions in part to ensure they are not brushing too hard? Did you assume that a lot of pressure and force was a good thing? If so, we would love to explore this topic with you. Learning all… Read more »

Dental Hygiene And Tears: Things To Consider

Of course, in the daily goings on at home with little ones, you may find that one of the biggest challenges you face is somehow getting through dental hygiene with your children. That is, getting through it without tears, without upset, and without Mom or Dad feeling completely exhausted. While some less-than-stellar experiences may simply… Read more »

3 Reasons To Introduce Water Flossers To Kids

Have you recently started wondering whether your kids might be ready for a water flosser? Do you instantly have visions of them having water fights with these fun little wands, immediately wondering if perhaps you have had a momentary lapse in judgment? While you might have to set some ground rules for the purpose of… Read more »

Fluoride Fears: Let Us Explain!

You might have heard something from a friend who mentioned something about fluoride toxicity and now you’re not sure what to do. You use fluoridated toothpaste for your kids but is it really safe, you wonder? Should you be running to the store right now to buy fluoride-free paste? Before you spend hours researching this… Read more »

Product Choices: Why Let Kids Get Involved?

Do you generally speed through the store when you’re picking up personal care items, tossing dental hygiene products into the cart as you rush? If so, we’re guessing you’re not letting your kids get in on the decision making. While you may have a lot to do in a single day and not a lot… Read more »

3 Ways to Be Kind to Your Teeth

Who doesn’t want to add more kindhearted moments to their life? It may mean taking a breath and thinking before your speak, or letting the other person go first in line. There are lots of opportunities to be kind at home—even extending to seemingly small things like how you care for your teeth. Share these pointers to… Read more »

Don’t Overlook The Reason Your Child Loathes Flossing

You might think that your child simply cannot stand flossing as a general rule. However, you might be overlooking some little details that can turn your child into someone who is more than happy to floss every day. So, toss out the notion that this whole flossing during dental hygiene thing is going to turn… Read more »

Toothpaste Time: Let’s Answer Those Questions!

As you may have noticed, it seems that there are new products for just about every facet of life that show up every single day. As a result, when you find yourself attempting to make a quick decision at the store, what should be an easy experience suddenly turns into a complicated and mind-boggling one…. Read more »

Dental Hygiene: Remember These Important Teaching Tips

Some days you love it, some days you don’t like it, but every day you live it: You are the one teaching your child optimal brushing skills! Since providing your children with the best approach possible to dental hygiene is in your hands, you just might appreciate our suggestions to help you feel like your… Read more »

Best Practices For Your Kid’s Toothbrush

As you help your little ones learn how to brush properly (and you do your best to keep a smile on everyone’s faces during the process), you put a lot of energy into the brushing itself. As a result, you may overlook the fact that successful dental hygiene relies on the way you care for… Read more »