Category: Community Events

It’s Back: Dallas Pizzafest 2019!

Whether you missed it last year or enjoyed the opulent indulgence, you have probably been counting down the weeks, days, hours, and minutes until its return: It’s Dallas Pizzafest and the cheesy, delicious goodness is quickly headed our way. Set a reminder in your phone, mark your calendar, announce it to the family. It’s a… Read more »

Strollers & Story Time

Babies and art museums…not two things you might immediately think go together. However, just because you have a little one doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your artistic interests. If you’ve been wanting to see the Margarita Cabrera exhibition at Dallas Contemporary, pack up your babe and head over to the museum. Just as early visits… Read more »

Spring Break At The Nasher 2019

Here comes spring break! If you haven’t already mapped out a full week of fun activities but you’re starting to realize you would love to have something interesting planned, why not coax out your family’s artistic side? You’ll have access to Spring Break at the Nasher for the entire week, so don’t miss it!

Apple “Cookie” Decorating Station At Farmers Market

Would you maybe describe your child as a bit of a cookie decorating fanatic? Is there no cookie your little one would turn down, should a decoration station magically appear? Why not join in the fun and the creativity by visiting the Apple “Cookie” Decorating Station at the Farmers Market in our Dallas, TX community?… Read more »

Crybaby Matinee At The Angelika Film Center

Do you ever miss going to the movies but because you have a baby who may burst into quite the wailing cry at any moment, you’ve realized you may have to wait a while before a movie theater is an option again? Think again! If you haven’t heard of the Crybaby Matinee, this might be… Read more »

Groundhog Day Celebration At The Dallas Arboretum

Are your kiddos excited about Groundhog Day? Are you itching to find out what the groundhog is going to let us know this year because you are definitely ready for winter to be over? If you happen to find February 2nd to be a fun-filled way to celebrate the transition of winter to spring (whether… Read more »

35th Annual KidFilm Family Festival

What types of entertainment take place in your family? Let our Dallas, TX team guess: You watch movies together! You read books! Your kids get a kick out of nearly anything that’s animated (and you have to admit that you’re often extremely intrigued, too!). Good news: It’s time for the 35th Annual KidFilm Family Festival… Read more »

Dallas Zoo Penguin Days 2019

Have you had a hankering to head to the zoo lately (perhaps your kids bring it up quite a lot) but you just haven’t planned a trip? Maybe you’re not too thrilled with the cost of admission when all is said and done because it’s not just you that you’re bringing but your whole family,… Read more »

Kids Cookie Class At Commissary

Do your kiddos absolutely love helping you decorate freshly baked cookies (and do they enjoy eating them even more)? If so, imagine what their creativity could accomplish after instruction from an executive pastry chef! That is just what you can expect during the fun, upcoming Kids Cookie Class!

Peppa Pig Live!

Do you happen to have any Peppa Pig fans in your household? If so, imagine the look on your children’s faces when they get to see Peppa Pig live … and on stage … in real life! Yes, that’s right, the upcoming Peppa Pig Live! event will be sure to elicit some truly adorable smiles,… Read more »