3 Ways To Add Music To Kids’ Dental Hygiene Time

Just like you can go from a sour mood to a very happy one by turning on your favorite tunes, so too can your children begin smiling when they hear music that makes them happy. With this in mind, we encourage you to remember that adding music into your little ones’ dental hygiene time is often extremely advantageous. Not sure about the different options you have for doing so? We are happy to help!

#1: Seek Out A Singing Toothbrush

Take a stroll through electric toothbrush options online or at your local drugstore and you will discover you may be able to select brushes that are programmed to play music. This will make your son or daughter smile during dental hygiene, which is always a pleasant distraction to make the experience easier.

#2: Create A Playlist!

You know your kids best, which means you know which music makes them feel on top of the world. Why not add these melodies into your children’s brushing and flossing time? Dental hygiene will feel more like happy time and less like a chore when you have an ongoing playlist that everyone is excited to hear while they clean their smiles.

#3: Download An App

If you’re not already a bit obsessed with the world of available apps for children’s dentistry, you will be pleased to learn that there’s a lot out there. One of the advantages of these available options is that they can help guide your child through dental hygiene. Look for an option to add music to your little one’s routine to make it a positive experience!

Protect Growing Smiles With Dental Hygiene

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