Best Practices For Your Kid’s Toothbrush

As you help your little ones learn how to brush properly (and you do your best to keep a smile on everyone’s faces during the process), you put a lot of energy into the brushing itself. As a result, you may overlook the fact that successful dental hygiene relies on the way you care for your oral health products, too. While we certainly offer you our admiration and applause for the time and effort you are already putting into your kiddo’s smile, we have some tips for you to consider for an even more successful experience.

No Sharing!

Remember that toothbrushes should not be shared. That means siblings, friends, spouses, etc. should not share brushes (even once!). Why not? Well, we all have a very special blend of germs and bacteria in our mouths. Sharing it can cause illnesses and other problems.

Keep It Separate From Other Brushes

Piggybacking on the no-sharing tip is the suggestion for keeping the bristles of brushes from contacting one another. Again, you don’t want your dental hygiene experience to lead to the whole family sharing the flu, common cold, or otherwise, so a bit of separation helps.

Let It Air Dry

Start your dental hygiene sessions with clean toothbrushes by allowing them to air dry between uses, so bacteria don’t hang out and multiply on those bristles.

Close The Toilet Lid!

Keep the toilet lid closed during dental hygiene and when you flush. First, because it’s very easy and oh-so-frustrating for your child to drop his or her toothbrush into the bowl. Second, because germs you don’t see float through the air when you flush with the lid up (and can land on your toothbrush).

Protect Your Kid’s Smile With Simple Tips

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