Dental Hygiene: Remember These Important Teaching Tips

Some days you love it, some days you don’t like it, but every day you live it: You are the one teaching your child optimal brushing skills! Since providing your children with the best approach possible to dental hygiene is in your hands, you just might appreciate our suggestions to help you feel like your strategy as a teacher is going to pay off. Keep a few tips in mind and you’ll find that getting those oral health habits to work (and to stick) is absolutely possible.

Tip: Don’t Teach Hard Brushing

It’s very important that you don’t teach your children to brush hard. Instead, remember that your little ones (and you, too) should be brushing very gently. This is suggested for the same reason we encourage you to only use soft bristles when you buy a toothbrush: Because gentle brushing removes plaque and debris. Hard brushing irritates gum tissue, scrapes your enamel, and can actually lead to erosion and receding gums.

Tip: Use Positive Reinforcement Only!

If you yell at your kids during dental hygiene or spend the whole time pointing out what they’re doing wrong, they’re not going to want to do it anymore. Point out the good, look for ways to make it a good experience, and applaud their efforts.

Tip: Don’t Include Hygiene In A System Of Rewards And Punishments

Your goal when it comes to your children’s dental hygiene is for it to become a natural part of life that they practice daily, as we suggest, no matter what. As a result, we suggest you remember to avoid including it in any system of rewards and punishments. For example, it is never a good idea to say, “You can skip your brushing session tonight as a reward if…” or to use brushing or flossing as a punishment for bad behavior. It should always remain a neutral activity.

Learn More About Teaching Your Kids Good Habits

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