Toothpaste Time: Let’s Answer Those Questions!

As you may have noticed, it seems that there are new products for just about every facet of life that show up every single day. As a result, when you find yourself attempting to make a quick decision at the store, what should be an easy experience suddenly turns into a complicated and mind-boggling one. Have you dealt with this as you tried to select toothpaste for your child’s dental care? If so, don’t worry, it’s a common challenge! Fortunately, we can help by answering your questions.

Questions and Answers

Question: So, how much toothpaste should be on my child’s toothbrush for effective dental care? Does age play a role?

Answer: Age is certainly the determining factor in this case. If your child is three years old or younger than that, you will need to spread just a tiny bit of toothpaste onto your child’s toothbrush (use an amount that equals roughly one grain of rice). Now, if your child has already had his or her fourth birthday, it’s time to use a pea-size amount (which is the same as what you should be using, too).

Question: How should I feel about including my children in the toothpaste buying process?

Answer: You should feel very good about it! Getting your kids actively involved in dental hygiene can help them feel more responsible and more grown up! It’s also very fun and enjoyable for them to like the toothpaste they use, which might include a favorite flavor, color, design, or character.

Question: I’m always hearing different things about fluoridated toothpaste for children’s dental care. Is it good or is it bad for them?

Answer: It’s good. Actually, it’s necessary to build strong teeth that stay that way (and that can steer clear of cavity development).

Remember To Ask Your Questions During Visits!

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