Why Teaching Kids Hygiene Is Important

How often do you brush your teeth? If you answered at least twice a day (and we hope you did), then you are on the right track. However, do you know why brushing and flossing is integral to maintaining healthy teeth? Understanding the importance of a good dental hygiene routine is an important aspect of teaching children how to adhere to it. The reason why teaching kids good hygiene is important is because they’ll carry the lessons with them for life, improving their chances of enjoying beautiful, healthy smiles for life.

What You’re Fighting Against

At any given moment, an active world of bacteria can be found inside of your mouth. When these bacteria gather, they form a sticky biofilm known as plaque that protects them. There are over 600 different kinds of these germs, but a select few can be singled out as the main instigators of most dental health issues, including tooth decay and gum disease. If enough of them accumulate, these microorganisms can pose a serious risk to your oral health in more ways than one.

The Point of Continuously Good Hygiene

Unfortunately, oral bacteria inhabit the mouth for a reason, and eliminating them for the purpose of clean teeth is not a possibility. However, brushing and flossing your teeth allows you to control the accumulation of harmful bacteria and reduce your risk of developing dental health issues. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once, preferably before bedtime, to remove plaque from between teeth. If allowed to remain for more than 48 hours, dental plaque calcifies (hardens) into tartar, which cannot be removed with household dental hygiene items.

Teaching Kids the Importance of Good Hygiene

Give your children’s smiles a fighting chance by teaching them how to practice excellent hygiene! To schedule a dental visit for your child, call Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX today at 214-321-4880.

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