Legacy Health Fair and Flea Market

Do you have questions about what you should be doing to take care of yourself and your family? Fortunately, you will have access to local doctors and vendors in your area that can shed some light on best practices for keeping your family healthy and happy. For medical information in addition to a fun day outdoors with your friends, significant other, and children, head over to the 2015 Heath Fair and Flea Market Bonanza.


What Are Dental Crowns?

Your child’s teeth are susceptible to a variety of concerns, just like adult teeth. While you are probably not too happy about tooth decay and other factors that can potentially damage your little one’s smile, you will be happy to learn more about dental crowns. These prosthetics often allow us to protect and save your child’s tooth, while preventing the need for a tooth extraction. Keep in mind that your child’s immediate and long-term comfort are among our top priorities. Before you make any snap judgments about crowns, we invite you to learn more about them and how they can benefit your child with the following information:


Does Your Child Need A Pediatric Filling?

We know that the last thing you want is to find out that your child needs restorative treatments. However, we encourage you to remain calm and recognize that your child’s comfort and happiness are our top priority. When it comes to tooth decay, the sooner we detect and treat the concern, the sooner your child can return to complete comfort and daily function. Rest assured, we practice gentle dentistry to keep your child feeling positive about dental care. Ready to learn more about whether your little one needs a pediatric filling? Read further:


Are Dental Sealants Good for My Child?

When it comes to offering pediatric dental care, we feel just as strongly as you do about protecting your child’s teeth. This is why we provide you with a comprehensive selection of treatments to keep your child’s adorable smile looking and feeling its best. However, just because you know we offer effective, comfortable care does not mean that you know what to make of each pediatric procedure or if it is even right for your little one. Rather than making assumptions, we encourage you to learn more about dental sealants. They can provide exceptional protection for your son or daughter’s smile.  (more…)