Your Questions About Tooth Infections

Whether or not you have every experienced a tooth infection of your own, you are likely aware that infections within most parts of the body may lead to uncomfortable side effects. The same is true for your child’s tooth – once infected, the interior tissue that lines the body and roots (called dental pulp) becomes inflamed and will eventually result in pain. Unfortunately, an infection may also lead to other significant complications. By learning more about how a root canal treatment can help with infections – and how to avoid them – you will know just what to do to protect your child’s oral health.

Question: How does an infection occur?

Answer: Bacteria only need a very small opening to invade your child’s tooth. In most cases, a healthy tooth will not become infected because it is structurally sound. However, even a very tiny crack may provide sufficient entry. In many cases, the development of a cavity offers direct entrance, which may then result in a tooth infection.

Question: Is there anything I can do to help my child avoid a tooth infection?

Answer: Yes. The best way to avoid an infection is to follow the preventive care suggestions we offer for your child. This includes brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. It’s very important that you also remember to schedule twice-annual (once every six months) dental checkups and cleanings. During this time, we can remove bacteria-filled plaque from teeth, which will help prevent tooth decay. We can also detect concerns early, which offers immense help in preventing infection.

Question: Can you treat a tooth infection once it occurs?

Answer: Yes, we will provide your child with a root canal treatment. This will allow us to remove a portion of the infected dental pulp and to apply antibiotics as needed. Our goal is to save the tooth in question, while ensuring we clear the infection.


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