Root Canals


When tooth decay affects your child’s tooth, a filling is usually sufficient to restore its health and structure. However, decay may progress deeply enough to reach the dental pulp, or the tissue within the tooth, housing blood vessels and nerves. The result may include inflammation and infection. Rather than resorting to an extraction, we provide a pulpotomy – a similar yet more conservative treatment than root canal treatment provided for adults. Addressing serious tooth decay with restorative care may allow your child to retain the natural tooth and return to usual daily comfort and function.

About Pulpotomies

Your child’s comfort will always be the first thing we consider during restorative treatments. We may provide a form of sedation if your child feels particularly nervous about dental care or the procedure. To begin a pulpotomy, we will numb the tooth and the surrounding tissues. Then, Dr. Marr will gently remove the portion of the pulp suffering from infection, followed by the placement of a medicated filling to clear the infection and restore the tooth’s structure. We may also place a dental crown to protect the tooth and offer support.

Your Questions

How do you determine the need for a pediatric root canal?

We will first take a closer look at your child’s teeth with the use of comfortable digital X-rays to identify the extent of damage and infection. If your child’s baby tooth is damaged and a permanent tooth has already begun erupting (which will lead to the natural course of losing the baby tooth) we may not need to perform the pulpotomy. However, if there is no sign of an impending permanent tooth eruption, we will recommend a pulpotomy so your child may retain the natural tooth until it falls out on its own.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Severe decay and infection are both uncomfortable. Your child may suffer from heightened tooth sensitivity and pain. As a result of the decayed tissue, the tooth may also become more vulnerable to breakage, which may result in the need for an extraction. A pulpotomy restores your child’s comfort and tooth structure, safeguarding successful speaking and effective chewing.

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